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An article in National Review stated on the sanity scale with fully sane as a 1 and with Lyndon  LaRousche as  a ten, Ron Paul is a 3.  Sorry, but Paul lent his name to too many articles of extreme racism and anti-semitism.  The Democrats would drag his name thru the mud, ensuring his defeat.  At 80, Paul has little chance of success. Best bet, is his son Rand Paul.  Rand doesn't have the stain that his father does. And, is a bit more reasonable on defense.


Next Republican president should offer Ron the position of Secretary of the Treasury.  That would allow the president to make a number of suggested replacements over at the Fed -- after the ensuing heart attacks, strokes and resignations.

Ron's against the war on drugs and I think it's becoming evident as to why. He recognizes all the problems, He's against all the problems, His only solution to all the problems is just ignore them they'll go away. 

Sounds like a pothead approach to me,

He makes McCain look like a spring chicken. But there would be no sex scandal in the Oval Office.

He should've run on the Libertarian Party... Get out of everything, don't do anything, it'll take care of it's self, and he's going to get the deficit fixed with no income tax.

After the debates, he may not be re-elected back home..... 

I want to support Paul since I think his domestic policy is about the only thing that is going to save us.  But he has too much baggage with the racism quotes and anti-Semitism and I know he would never be elected.  And if he tries to enter as a third party and manages to give Obama another victory I will never support him or his son.

I want to support Gingrich since I think he truly also knows what is best for this country, but it is hypocritical of me to do so having felt the way I did about Clinton and his amoral behavior.

I feel like I am going to support anyone who the Republicans put up there to challenge Obama since I don't see his policies doing anything for us but dragging us further into the quagmire.  If it is Romney, I will bite my tongue and vote for him. Just about anything is better than the apologist we have in office at this point.


Hopefully 1212 your right, No checks & balance in 2008-2009 is one of the major flaws that got us Obamacare, if the Republicans held the House and Senate it would not be near as bad as when one party hold all three houses. And Newt maybe the only candidate that can beat Obama, but I'm not sure the Republicans party wants the white house, I'm not real sure they have wanted it since 1996 or even if the Democrats have wanted it since then either.

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