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What exactly is the liberal/socialist alt left resisting.?
Are they resisting the facts before them of the best economy in
decades with the lowest unemployment across the board for Blacks,
Hispanics and Whites. Tax relief we haven't had in many years and
some relief never seen before. There are other points to be made
for the betterment of the Country which the resistance also rejects.
Just what are you, the resistance, resisting and why would you..?
Do you have real reasons or is it follow your leaders and you believe
your outcome will be better than what's going on now...
What's the game plan or is there a better plan---?
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they are resisting that they lost.   they are simply poor losers.  Rather than putting country first and attempting to work with President Trump they are stirring things up.  If you remember President Trump invited top democrats to visit early in his term.  Rather than trying to compromise, they chose to flip him off and try to stir their followers up.   

Ironic they talk about the 1%,,, however who do they listen to?   yep the 1%,,, way over paid news channel talking heads,,   unfunny comedians that make millions.


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