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I love the snow, BUT i DO NOT love that Florence City Schools did not cancel school today!!! I am stuck in Killen b/c the hill in front of Kendale Gardens is impassable while my kids are going to be stuck at the high and middle school. My daughter is too novice a driver to drive in this weather. The longer it snows, the madder i get that Dr. Brehends did not cancel this AM. Our 2 days off in January was for NOTHING!!! And when we really need to stay home, of course, school must go on!?! What? This is putting my kids and me at risk. I. Am. Not. Happy.

Thanks for letting me vent. Frowner
Originally posted by mandomama:
Ok...someone just said they hears on a scanner that ALL traffic on Hwy 72 headed WEST into Florence has been shut down. Can anyone confirm? Does THIS qualify as a condition to not have school!! GGRRR...I'm a mad mother bear who can't take care of her cubs!!!!

someone on facebook said there was a wreck involving several cars. That's all the info I have.
Originally posted by beternU:

I'm almost out of bread and milk!!!

This is a catastrophe!!!!!!

But I do have a pot of Great Northern Beans cooking away, so all is not lost!

I know what you mean...I've had a hankering for a good old milk sandwich all morning but, alas...out of milk.
There are two kinds of white beans -Great northern and navy pea beans. I knew exactly what beterU was talking about. I do not really care for the Great Northerns; so I always buy the smaller ones. Bean shooting at beterU uncalled for! You will find this same situation with red beans. Authentic red beans and rice recipes call for the very small red beans.
I started out to my destination at 7:30 but turned around and came back home. At that time, Darby Drive already had about 2 inches of sleet and snow. Just finished helping the neighbors build a snowman, but he will probably melt later. Heard on ch 31 rain is moving in.

And I also agree city schools should have closed this morning..Hope everyone stays safe, and thanks to all of the good samaritans who are helping others today Smiler
Kids are home safe with full bellies and a happy momma. Some very sweet friends helped me out and let the kids stay with them in town until my husband with a 4WD could come and pick them up. He said the roads are fine now (at least the ones he came home on) and thought I was being a big baby not to drive on them. We used to live in the midwest, and I have driven through blizzards on the interstate; I'm more afraid of the other drivers than I am of what I can do out there.

Hope everyone is safe and snug at home and enjoying the snow while it lasts!

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