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The Walls Are Closing: Biden Asked China to Help Make Him President

Source: AP Photo/Steven Senne


There is more evidence that Joe Biden is colluding with China to win in November than there ever was that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election. And we haven't spent $32 million dollars investigating Biden's interactions with China like we did with Trump and Russia back during the Mueller investigation. I say we begin by looking at Hunter Biden's business dealings in China when his father was vice president. 


On second thought, we no longer need an investigation because the New York Post has found a bombshell video of Joe Biden asking Communist President Xi Jiniping to help make him president of the United States.

Cue apocalyptic commentary: The walls are closing in! Today is a turning point! The day everything changed! The beginning of the end! A real tipping point! He's done! Finished!

To be fair, Biden did say he was kidding. But the media didn't care when Trump said his hope that Russia would find Hillary's deleted emails was just a joke. And Trump was just talking about finding emails. He never asked Russia to make him president.

Attorney General Bill Barr told Wolf Blitzer just this past week that China is more aggressive than Russia in interfering in the presidential election. 

National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) Director William Evanina issued a statement in August saying both China and Iran are working to help Joe Biden win in November. 

Maybe this explains why, just yesterday, Biden absolved China of their responsibility for unleashing the deadly coronavirus on the world and laughed away intelligence reports warning of China's interference in the presidential election. 

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@Jutu posted:

Is there anything more racist than Biden and the dems picking the VP simply for her race?

They thought picking a white hating anti American was a good choice but
more people don't like her than do. The fly over Dems aren't going to vote
for some crazy loose cannon. They want a peaceful successful country first
and they know that's what they had with Trump.
Biden used his VP office in the most corrupt ways and had no interest
in America, that won't change with all the money to be made.

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