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These mostly Democratic-controlled cities and regions get what they deserve for voting the way they do with these feckless Mayors that contribute far more to the destruction of the cities and areas they control than they do anything else.  The SAD thing is though that there are many people caught in situations beyond their control that have to endure the degradation and disintegration of cities that they call home through no fault of their own.  They didn't vote for these people but have to endure their failed, attempted, leadership.  

The COVID-19 Virus has decimated New York but nothing compared to the damage that De Blasio had accomplished through his personal failings.  Seattle, Portland, and Chicago are just other cities that have suffered and continue to suffer under Democrat control as well as just look at how California has degraded over the years that Democrats have controlled things.  Liberal policies that degrade the living situation and conditions such that those that have the capacity to leave usually do and are doing in numbers never seen before.  

Even sadder is that the whole of America may very well see the same outcome when and if Democrats gain the White House and Congress.  Certain states are converting more to Democrats due in great part that those moving and escaping the areas of social destruction are taking their voting habits and liberal philosophies with them to their new homes in areas that they find much more accomidating and livable.  Areas that are much more accommodating due to conservative and Republican leadership and policies.  Texas, Florida, and Tennessee are just three areas that are being slowly changed by the influx of people running to escape the high taxes and declining living situations brought on and brought about by liberal (Democratic) policies and rule.

Yes man are getting just what they ask for and voted for but so many more are caught under it and must endure it.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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Why would someone remain loyal to a person, place or thing that has
for the most part destroyed their plans for a life they've been planning 
for a lifetime..?
That's a mindset question I probably already know the answer.
Liberals never click reality until they die.
Liberal socialist are the reason there so many parables in the Bible
but they still haven't caught on to the order of the common sense
life demands.

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