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They watched too much fox news

then passed a law to "protect confederate monuments"

but didn't expect cities or counties to pay the fine and move the monuments.


“Around the country, we have seen what happens when city and county officials allow the mob to take over,” Marshall said. “It all starts with subtle non-enforcement of laws and ordinances, and quickly devolves into utter lawlessness. As a state, we must remain vigilant that those elected to govern our localities do not lead us slowly down the same road.”

Support Democracy. This might be the dumbest country on earth...

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@1130 posted:

so you don't care as long as you get your way?  definition of spoiled brats.

Nah, just out here watching right-wing politicians legislate based on what they see or hear from the right wing media.

"we were led to believe busloads of antifa, blm, and leftist mobs were gonna tear down statues. we're just gonna double down on 'law and order' so we don't look foolish... we don't look foolish do we..."

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