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How much longer will the left keep their foot on the throats of small business and education? They want total ruination of the economy and at the rate they're going it won't be long before they have it.


CA teachers union president who led school closure charge seen dropping daughter off at in-person preschool

A group known as Guerilla Momz is calling Berkeley Federation of Teachers president Matt Meyer a hypocrite after spotting him dropping his two year old daughter off for in-person instruction at a private pre-school.

"Meet Matt Meyer. White man with dreads and president of the local teachers' union," the group wrote in a tweet on Saturday along with video footage of Meyer. "He's been saying it is unsafe for *your kid* to be back at school, all the while dropping his kid off at private school."

Meyer told Fox News in a statement that the video, which blurred out his child's face, was "very inappropriate" and an intrusion of his child's privacy. He added that there were "no public options for kids her age."

"There are major differences in running a small preschool and a 10,000 student public school district in terms of size, facilities, public health guidance and services that legally have to be provided," Meyer added. "We all want a safe return to school. The Berkeley Federation of Teachers is excited that Berkeley Unified will be reopening soon with a plan, supported by our members and the district, to get our students back in classrooms starting later this month."

Berkeley parent Mara Kolesas, a former PTA Berkeley Council president, told KQED that while she understands parents' anger, and agrees schools should be open, the video by Guerilla Momz crosses a line.

"For me, you don't need to attack people personally, you need to address it politically. When you start getting personal, you mix up dimensions, and you don't get to discuss the real thing," Kolesas said. "Here, the real thing is [Meyer] put fear before science, and the right of teachers before the right of kids. That's the issue."

The Berkeley Unified School District reached a tentative agreement with the Berkeley Federation of Teachers earlier this month to reopen public schools in March and April, contingent upon staff members receiving COVID-19 vaccinations. Under the plan, phased reopenings for preschool, transitional kindergarten and kindegarten through second grade under a hybrid model would start as early as March 29, while grades 3-8 and 10-12 would begin as early as April 12 and April 17, respectively, depending on how fast the city makes additional vaccine doses available.

Additionally, staff would be required to obtain a COVID test every two weeks, which would be provided at each school site. BUSD and BFT would also encourage families to participate in routine COVID-19 testing at least once per two week period.

Meanwhile, teachers identified as high-risk individuals who document that they have condition's on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's high risk list, who live with someone who has those conditions, or who is a caretaker as defined by a medical professional for someone with these conditions, will be allowed to continue to work remotely.

However, a group known as BUSD parents, which is affiliated with Reopen Schools California, believes that recent data suggests its safe for full, in-person instruction.

The group argues that distance learning has "exacerbated racial and class segregation between schools, increased the achievement gap, triggered enormous learning loss that translates to higher dropout rates, lower lifetime earnings, and reduced life expectancy, sparked steep increases in adolescent mental health crises - including suicidal ideation and cutting, caused sharp decreases in child abuse reporting, and prompted a general erosion of the physical health and mental well-being of students glued to screens."

A letter signed by Berkeley families and public health and medical professionals earlier this month urged the district to reopen schools once it is safe to do so, with the clear goal of having kids in transitional kindergarten through 12th grade back in school five days a week before the end of the school year.

The United States has surpassed 28.6 million COVID-19 cases and 512,000 related deaths as of Sunday, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University.

California has reported a statewide total of over 3.4 million COVID-19 cases and 51,979 related deaths while the city of Berkeley has reported a total of 3,246 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 109 hospitalizations, and 35 related deaths.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 75 million COVID-19 vaccines have been administered across the United States as of Sunday.

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They should have sent her a social worker.


Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty has spent the past few months calling for police to be defunded. One of the biggest things she’s been pushing for is for cops not to be called for things that don’t involve actual crimes.

That’s why it’s come as bad news for her that it’s come out that she called 911 on a Lyft driver simply for cancelling a ride. Driver Richmond Frost told The Oregonian that Hardest was “rude and abusive” to him, and that he did not even know that she was on the Portland City Council until after their encounter. “She was not a pleasant person,” Frost said. “That has nothing to do with her political position as a Portland council person. I’m out here doing my job. She was very disrespectful to me, made me uncomfortable. I don’t feel like I have to sit in a car for anyone to have to argue unrelentingly and be rude and abusive, telling me what I have to do in my own vehicle.” Hardesty had called for a Lyft to pick her up at a casino in Washington state on November 1, and things went off the rails right away when there was a mix up with her pickup location, which Frost said made her angry.

Things got worse when Hardesty got in the car and demanded that close the windows, saying that she would not ride with them down despite the fact that this would increase the risk of spreading COVID-19. Lyft’s website specifically recommends that windows remain open for all rides.

Frost put the windows up a little bit but left them open slightly, saying that he needed to do so for safety purposes. This did not sit well with Hardesty.

“I did say, ‘It’s for my safety and your safety.’ But that was like pouring gas on her fire,” Frost recalled. “She demanded that I close that window right now. She was kind of ballistic at that point.”

She was so enraged that Frost decided to take an early exit off Interstate 5. “So I made a decision, it would be in the best interest for both of us to cancel the ride,” Frost said, adding that he pulled into a Chevron station. “It’s lit up like a football field. It’s safe. It’s warm. She could order another Lyft or Uber, whatever she wants to do, and I can be done, and I can get on with my work.”

This only made Hardesty more angry, and Frost said she told him, “‘Well, no, either you’re going to take me back to the casino or you’re going to take me to my destination.'She claimed that she had paid for the ride, even though Frost explained that he cancelled it already, which meant she would’t be charged. When Hardesty refused to get out of the vehicle, Frost asked if he’d have to call the police to get her out.

That’s when the woman who has been pushing to defund the police and have them not respond to calls that don’t involve actual crimes decided to call the cops herself.
“I’ve got a Lyft driver that decided he would just drop me off at a filling station,” Hardesty is quoted as saying in dispatch documents. “Well, I’m not getting out of the car, in the dark, at a filling station, not happening — all because I asked him to put the window up. I’m not leaving.” The dispatcher told Hardesty multiple times that this was not a crime and that the vehicle was the driver’s property, but she still wanted police to come help her, saying, “I am not going to allow him to leave me at the side of the road.”

Police eventually arrived at the same time as another Lyft vehicle that Hardesty had called to take her home. She simply got into this car and left, without talking to officers.“Peace restored and involved parties sent their separate ways,” read the dispatcher entry at 10:16pm.

Hardesty sent the following complaint to Lyft:

“I requested a ride, the driver came to the wrong pick up location. He then blamed me. I asked him to roll the window up on my side and he started to yell, ‘I can’t because the regulations require each window to be cracked (which isn’t true).

He then pulls over in the dark on the side of a gas station and told me he was cancelling the ride. I had no interest in being left on the side of the road by an angry driver. He threaten [sic] to call the police. I called the police & another car. Both arrived at the same time.

It is totally inappropriate to expect a woman to get out of a vehicle in the dead of night because any angry person demands it. This is a safety issue for your customer. Your driver was in no danger.” Lyft responded by informing Hardesty that “drivers are free to end a ride for any reason as long as the drop off is in a safe location. Safety is our top priority. We take these matters very seriously. We encourage everyone using Lyft to be respectful of others. This helps maintain a safe and inclusive community.”

Hardesty claimed to the Portland Tribune that she “proactively” called police because Frost calling the cops on her “would put me in danger.”

“I don’t call 911 lightly, but I certainly am not going to do anything that would put my personal safety at risk,” she said. “It’s a lot harder when you are black or brown in America to make that decision.” Hardesty added that it’s dangerous “for a single woman to be traveling anywhere, especially in this very racially tense time. People recognize me everywhere … I just was not going to take that chance.”

Despite the fact that Hardesty seems to see herself as a celebrity, Frost said he never recognized her.

“She was just another passenger,” Frost said, adding that he has fears that publicity from this incident will put him in some kind of danger. “I treat everybody the same. I try to be professional.”

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