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The Phat Phony Phraud. John Hagee, on his TV program today (I catch it now and then for laughs)claims that the "Rapture" will be the cause of a national and world financial collapse.  He "reasons" thusly:  Most of the taxpayers in this nation are Christian.  When they are "raptured", there will not be enough productive workers and taxpayers left behind (hey--that could be a book title--"Left Behind"--yeah, that would sell big time!)  to support the economy and this will usher in the "Great Tribulation" and the entrance of dreaded "Antichrist." Blessedly, however, no Christians will have to be tribulated or whupped up on by the Big A, since they all will have been raptured away.


Sheesh! People actually believe such drivel!

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Originally Posted by Bill Gray:

Hi all,


Just curious.  Looking at John 14:1-3, 1 Corinthians 15:50-53, and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 -- what event are those Scripture passage describing?


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,






All those scriptures contemplate a resurrection and the first of them makes it clear that there will be an eternal home with God for those who are saved, which Christ  promised that He would prepare.  None of those scriptures provide any support for the bizarre triburapturist end times scenario that you so fervently promote.


Originally Posted by DukeA#1:

I'd rather spend an hour smashing my fingertips with a hammer than watching John Hagee! At least he doesn't break into fits of speaking in gibberish... I mean tongues... like Rod Parsley or remind you every 5 seconds how filthy rich yet humble he is like Jesse Duplantis.



I watch the varmint for laughs.  When the camera pans through the crowd, it is obvious that his vast congregation is inhabited mostly by throwback sheeple.  They nod and "amen" his drivel and exchange know-it-all looks with each other, totally unaware of how ludicrous Hagee's millennialist/Judaistic theology really is. That such a loquacious lardbag/windbag can aggregate so large a following only proves that  Mencken was spot on  when he referred to "the virulence of  the  national appetite for bogus revelation." 

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