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They had a little problem down in LaGrange, Georgia back around 1992. I was living there. A gentleman bought a liquor license for an old Japanese restaurant with hibachi bars. They thought it would be a regular bar. Within a short time it was totally nude dancing with no covering on the windows.

It would seem no law was on the books to prevent totally nude dancing in LaGrange, Georgia. Most counties didn't have a law. They didn't dream it would happen.

The guy put up covers on the windows within a week or so. I am not sure if he was tired of giving out samples or if the complaints of seeing things from the road was overwhelming. But it was covered.

The local church groups got together and decided to oppose the bar. After some research the town found out they could outlaw nude dancing but the existing place would be grandfathered.

I was driving along US 29 one evening (the road that passes the bar) and in the distance I saw blue lights flashing. I told my wife there must be trouble down at the bar. And we were on the road that would pass there.

As we approached the bar we could see it was doing a roaring good business. The police were out in the streets directing traffic. A group of local ministers and their flock was about 20 yards down from the business picketing. Out front a flashing sign read "Pastor appreciation night. No cover charge." How ironic.

I don't know if the bar is still there. I haven't been back in years. But for a short while some fellow had the exclusive totally nude strip bar between Columbus, Georgia and Atlanta. Big Grin

Edit: The reason I mentioned the hibachi bars - I heard he made them the dance platforms.
Originally posted by Gail-:

I heard about a place in Georgia where people from the audience could even get on the bar and dance topless....or maybe I read that in a book I bought from a local author. (but that was fiction, I believe)
Red Face
......So how did it go??? Did you get any tips Gail ??? Big Grin
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Originally posted by George Sand:
Originally posted by SHELDIVR:
In today's Times Daily, proposal to open topless coffee shop in small Maine town...

Now that would probably bring business to Downtown Sheffield... Wink

This area is too full of prudes to have one.

Agreed. We can't even get a Hooters here for Pete's sake!!!! (I'm a chick and even IIII want a Hooters here!!!) - then again where will we find the women to work there... *glares in UNA's direction*

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