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Originally Posted by direstraits:

The ad is familiar, I've seen similar since the Cold War.  Its a mish mash of environmentalist ravings, FEMA camp hysteria from the left, in a manner to appeal to some on the right.  Just one comment -- the reason corn went up and is still up is ethanol -- a left wing enviro hare brained idea. 

You forgot to add "that was mandated by W Bush".   

For some reason, you seem to consistently  "forget" to mention the "rest of the story".

The use of corn for fuel was a gift of the Bush admin to big agriculture. Accept it and embrace it for what it really is, and let's all just try , regardless of our political affiliation, to rid ourselves of this expensive and destructive law.


Originally Posted by direstraits:

 FEMA camp hysteria from the left,



yep, i still see all the left wingnuts spouting off about fema concentration camps and how the conservatives are gonna take their guns! what time does the sun come up in "bizarro world"?

is there anyone there , other than you and best?

Originally Posted by Crash.Override:

ok, so extreme left wingnuts on a blog from the heart of "jesus was a republican" country believe the same thing as main stream republicans... and you still don't see the problem? 


Most conservatives recognize the FEMA camps hysteria for what it is -- hysteria. Mostly survivalists nuts who really aren't conservatives accepted it.  Full circle, understand -- left started the rumors years ago -- pre-internet.  Then, it caught on with the Infowar nuts.  Now, full circle back to the left. 

Oh, yes, Che is dead!

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