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The caller ID always reads "private" or "Unknown caller" and the man claims he's with the State Trooper's Association raising money for something.
He always calls me by the common derivative of my name, which is not the name on my driver's license.
Is this for real or is it a scam?
I've had several calls this past week. Three in the past 24 hours.
I thank him for calling, tell him it's an inconvenient time for me, then hang up on him.
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It could be a scam...there have been several in the past that operated that way...more than likely it is a Trooper endorsed solicitation. They should be able to provide you with information you can confirm by calling the local Trooper post.

What I dislike is that the Troopers receive a ridiculously low amount of the money from this type of solicitation...something like 10 or 15 percent of your donation actually makes it to the Trooper Association.
I have tried to ask them about what percentage goes to the cause they are raising money for ( usually the Widows and Orphan's Fund) and they have gotten all loud and edgy saying I can just TALK to their SUPERVISOR!!

What difference is it going to make WHO I talk to if they are giving pennies on the dollar to the organization they are raising funds for??


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