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Even though they knew what the outcome would be the dems still wasted time and money for another 'impeachment' trial instead of actually running the country and taking care of business!! Pettiness...vitriol...hatred...childish...pouty...vindictiveness...and money wasters! That's the dem party!!

Joe Biden-What you get when you order a president and get a cheap Chinese knockoff instead.

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sad, congress is a embarrassment.  republicans could have voted the whole thing unconstitutional, however a few voted to waste time and money.   Dems appoint one of their own to preside instead of a justice.  maybe 10% of jurors were impartial as they all swore to be.  It was a kangaroo court. 

then with all this, the Trump attorney's home was vandalized.   When will both sides of the elected denounce violence and hate?

Violence and hate are all the democrats have. They cheered it on all year with antifa and blm...funding them and getting them out of jail...and now that dems don't need them any longer look what's happened to them. All of a sudden antifa and blm are being called on their crimes. they didn't see that coming!!

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