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I'll give credit where credit is due. This may provide new research and all kinds of new information. At the same time, this could become some sick and twisted **** real quick. I think the general idea behind the 'right to try' is a great step forward. I also hope someone monitors Big Pharma so this doesn't become some twisted test ground on last hope patients.

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I'm glad to see Trump take on and try and achieve affordable prescription medication.  I wish things would go further though.  For years we've talked about healthcare insurance but never is the actual cost of healthcare itself.  

For instance take various blood/lab test or medical procedures that are often prescribed.  The patent never knows what these test or procedures cost until they get the bill and therefore they have absolutely no ability to choose the low bid provider for there is none known.  Certain known/standard test should have their cost provided up front to the customer/patent so that they can make a financial decision whether or not to choose that provider.  It's the same with physicians in that no one knows what their office visit is going to cost until they get the invoice/bill from the provider.  

Then there are those that charge far more to people that have healthcare insurance than to those who don't.  These days, given the healthcare insurance system that the politicians imposed upon us, exempted themselves from, a families deductible, (money out of their pocket before any insurance even is considered), is so high that in effect it's like not having health insurance coverage.


43% of Americans can't make ends meet.
I can only speculate how much further along we could be if the
socialist liberal Rinos/Dems didn't vote down America solely for
their hate/jealously of the one person that can keep this country
free and moving forward. The biggest lie Obarry told was he left
the economy in good shape, the people don't think so..........


Obama and those associated with his administration will continue to try and manufacture ways which they will say they had or shared some responsibility for the amazing recovery that Trump has engineered with many of his moves.

The only contribution that Obama made was he was responsible for the stifling and overly burdensome regulations that Trump came along and eliminated.  Just by eliminating what Obama did Trump jump started the economy something that Hillary never could have achieved or done. 

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