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UC Berkeley Professor Told Students Abolishing Whiteness Means Wiping out White People

When you were growing up, the term “abolition” likely referred to slavery.

But much history has since been made, and we’re in the midst of a racial revolution.

These days, a world of wokeness wants to “abolish whiteness.”

How might that be done?

According to University of California, Berkeley Professor Zeus Leonardo, we must eradicate white people.

A bit of background via his faculty page:

Some of his essays include: “Critical Social Theory and Transformative Knowledge,” “The Souls of White Folk,” “The Color of Supremacy,” “Contracting Race,” and “Dis-orienting Western Knowledge.”

The author’s most recent books:

  • Race, Whiteness, and Education
  • Race Frameworks
  • Education and Racism

Per The Post Millennial, in a video of the instructor’s lecture “Teaching Whiteness in a Multicultural Context and Colorblind Era,” Zeus asks, “Is it worth it to be white anymore?”

A host of current headlines beg the same.

White folks, he waxes, “depend” upon whiteness:

“[I’m] trying to distinguish between whiteness and ideology, white people and identities and white bodies, which is some kind of literal understanding there that then we graft the meaning of white people onto, right? But if you undercut whiteness as an ideology, one that a lot of abolitionists suggest is parasitic, right? And it’s an ideology that white people really depend on.”

Should they be let off the hook?

“If we give white people an option out of that, and it’s not just sort of words, right? It’s sort of structural transformations, then what I’m suggesting is that it also signals the withering away of white people.”

The professor gets downright biblical. To quote John Lennon, “imagine”:

“If you can, imagine we didn’t have white people…let’s say, 600 years ago. So the suggestion by abolitionists is, we made white people, so one is not born white. By virtue of having a white Bible, one has to be taught to be white. … [W]hites are taught as young children to be white.”

Usually, he asserts, “That means in opposition to the non-white, usually black.”

The instructor can’t fathom that colorblindness is real. “Colorblindness isn’t necessarily such a literal process of being blind to color,” he insists. “It’s about feigning being blind to color, because in a completely racialized globe, how do you not see race?”

White people know what they are:

“[W]e…know just from personal experience, that if a white person took a non-white person home as a date, everything changes. Right? … To bring home a friend who’s not white, everything changes.”

Why in the world wouldn’t whites want whites to be abolished? He theorizes it may be their awareness of whiteness:

“So in some, at least, lived way, whites already know that they’re white. And that may explain why there’s sort of this defensive reaction towards abolishing whiteness and abolishing white people, because there is an investment here, okay?”

And abolition, as he understands it, is exactly what must occur. White bodies, however, will get a pass:

“[M]y recent understanding is that to abolish whiteness is to abolish white people. Okay, now that’s…different from white bodies, right? White bodies will still exist, but we will no longer consider them white people.”

Is this what education has become? It seems yes.

And whiteness has certainly lacked luster as of late:

Red State Spends Millions so Disabled Preschoolers Can ‘Deconstruct Whiteness’

Political Science: Academics Attack the ‘Whiteness in Introductory Physics’

Forensic Anthropologists Say ‘Cloaked’ Whiteness Soils Science, Cops Care Less About BIPOC Bones

Extremely White College Professor Fights the Lie — and ‘Disease’ — of Whiteness

Major University Trains Its Faculty in ‘Confronting Systemic Whiteness’

Mental Health Journal’s Article on ‘Parasitic Whiteness’ Laments There’s ‘Not Yet a Permanent Cure’

Back to Zeus, perhaps the most notable thing about his lecture isn’t its message, but the fact that it purportedly took place in 2007.

So for those wondering how academia and industry came to take their current position toward people of the pale, those ideas were planted long ago — so far into the past that a 2007 Zeus had learned to school his class accordingly.

If his racial enlightenment began ten years prior, that influence is 25 years deep.

We’re currently sowing seeds that are at least a quarter-century old.

What lies in store 25 years from now? Where will colorful America be in 2046?

If another Leonardo lesson is any indication, I’d say nowhere near unity:

Recommended reading from the professor of education at Berkeley includes concepts such as “white people are not born white”.

White people are “born human” and then “white parents physically and psychologically ABUSE them” into becoming “white people”.

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