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Has anyone purchased gasoline lately?  Biden closing down the pipeline and fracking moves not only had the effect of canceling many jobs but fuel prices now have risen to the point to where under Trump I was paying $1.97 and now my last fill up $3.05.

I've also read where prices on groceries are going to be rising greatly of course the Democrats would try and have you believe all this was pandemic related however even in the back of their minds they must know it's their own fault.

If you voted for Biden against Trump then enjoy what you're paying at the pump or stores because it's your vote that brought all this about. 

Future price increases, tax increases, and inflation will also be attributed to your vote for Democrats because those effects have not been realized yet.  The massive spending proposals and spending policies especially for the green New deal type programs haven't even had an effect yet.  So regardless of who the president will be in the future when all things start falling apart your taxes get raised and inflation goes crazy look back to the year 2020 when you elected Democrats for president and to control Congress and realize who's fault it really is.

It's everyone who voted Democrats fault and although they will never admit it in the back of their mind they will know, or at least some will.  There will always be those who are so thoughtless and mind controlled that they will believe anything the Democratic national convention and Democrats tells them which is why they continue to vote for these imbeciles that call themselves politicians but in effect are Marxist or quasi communist seeking to do away with our Constitution.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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groceries rise, they have already rose.  plus others Lumber at 280% up, houses for sale accross the country have reported  cost up 70%.  lower middle class won't be able to afford buying a house.  Add to that Biden thinks spend more cuz job numbers are still down.. He has no clue there are litterly help wanted signs everywhere.

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groceries rise, they have already rose.  plus others Lumber at 280% up, houses for sale accross the country have reported  cost up 70%.  lower middle class won't be able to afford buying a house.  Add to that Biden thinks spend more cuz job numbers are still down.. He has no clue there are litterly help wanted signs everywhere.

CNN Praises Biden For Efficiently Liberating Thousands From Wage Slavery In First 100 Days In Office

U.S.—Everyone agrees that President Joe Biden has been a relentless and unstoppable force in his first 100 days in office, exuding the youth and vigor of men half his age, but reporters from CNN are pointing out that Joe Biden really hammered employment as the unemployment figures were released today by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. ”Employment” is a term used in official statistics to denote what is better known today as wage slavery, a holdover arrangement first started in an economic system known as capitalism, in which one person is literally forced at gunpoint into working for another person, rather than just staying at home and getting money from the government.

“Experts agree that it is a cruel practice that is on its way out in the history of ideas,” said Don Lemon on his CNN program. “Joe Biden is efficiently keeping his progressive agenda in just a short amount of time by delivering this big blow against employment, thus freeing thousands of Americans.”

“He has been busy and laser focused on his agenda of keeping his promises to the American people,” beamed a joyful Brian Stelter on his program Reliable Sources. ”These statistics we are reporting to you now bear that out! Dow Jones estimates expected 1 million new jobs and unemployment to drop to 5.8% in this report, and Joe Biden did the exact opposite of that,” continued Stelter. “Unemployment actually rose to 6.1%. Can you imagine anyone else pulling that off?”

Progressive activists celebrated the news of rising unemployment as that means that more and more Americans are being freed from the drudgery of providing services to greedy business owners in exchange for money.

At publishing time, CNN was praising Joe Biden again for causing the sun to rise this morning.

Shocking Study Finds Paying People Not To Work Makes People Not Want To Work

U.S.—A surprising new study released Friday found that paying people not to work made people not want to work. Amid shockingly low job numbers released today, the study suggested that some of that low unemployment was due to the government sending everyone more money than they would have made out working a job. Some smart expert analysts are seeing a connection between incentivizing people to stay home and them staying home.

"It's really bizarre -- telling people to stay home and watch Netflix while we send them money makes people just stay home and watch Netflix while we send them money," said one government official. "It seems that when you just send people checks they don't really see a point to going to work." "We could not possibly have foreseen this."

At publishing time, experts had recommended raising the minimum wage to $1,000,000 an hour to incentivize people to go back to work, foreseeing no negative consequences from this course of action.

JUTU, you might as well scream at the wind or some immovable wall for it will reap the exact same results as trying to debate liberals/democrats who voted for Biden.  All anyone has to do is pay a moments attention to realize that Biden was elected President but he isn't doing anything but occupying a seat and being a figurehead.  Whether committee or a small group there are people who are running things and Biden is only their vessel by which they make their policies and rulings official.  Contrasting Trump to Biden is a study in 180 degrees apart.  Biden has to get to bed early whereas Trump actually WORKED and labored in the office in an attempt to actually accomplish something good for America and Americans.  

Trump did have his fallacies and one glaring one was the way he handled the 2020 election.  If he anticipated (which he should have) that cheating or fraud would be involved then he should have summoned help from legal scholars and attorneys and whomever to ensure that all efforts were utilized to combat attempts to cheat.  There was historical records of cheating in places like Miami, Detroit, Chicago to name just a few and those areas should have been blanketed to watch them ever closer.  There should never have been a lapse in attention as was the case in Atlanta when counters were sent home under the pretense of closing down for the night only to have activity after everyone left which surly favored Biden.  

Trump lost by waiting till after the election to fight because the forces against him were not only many times more numerous (media, judges, courts, etc) but the time to combat these thing was before the election not after so I do believe Trump erred in not being proactive in that regard.  Also I don't think Trump really realized the intense forces aligned against him and the power of social media as well as the media itself in swaying public opinions.  Now we will only be victim of what I believe will be one of the most horrendous times Americans have ever seen and the affects of which will be generational rather than decades.  

Now you hear that a central pipeline was shut down account of cyber attack and that will cause massive increases in fuel cost because of it but there will be other things that will get the blame because no Democrat allows a tragedy to go unused or without manipulation.  These people are far more resourceful and determined than Republicans in their treachery but treachery it is and we (and our freedoms and likely our very Constitution) will suffer account of it.

GB...I don't try to debate liberals. They have no interest in debating. They only come here to spread their lies and try to insult....and that is why they all end up blocked. When is the last time you remember a liberal that came here to discuss or debate anything in a rational manner? So...I post about the ridiculous things they do...and make fun of them...and hope others see what I post and take it as a warning of what these liberals are doing to destroy our country...and what total hypocrites they are. NO ONE in their right mind could ever think Biden/Harris won a fair election! But then again...if liberals were in their right minds they wouldn't be liberals to start with.

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I totally agree, they may not care to debate and they may not ever concede the reality of what voting for Democrats really means however they will pay the exorbitant price increases that comes with a democratic majority and with democratic policies just as we will all will do as we suffer.

They may deny it but in the back of their minds as they fill their vehicles up, if they can even do that anymore and pay their bills they have nobody to blame but the person in the mirror if they voted for Democrats, along of course with the Democrats themselves and their policies of massive government and massive government intervention and restrictions.   

God truly help us when our adversaries realize who's in control.  The only thing Biden can really do is blame Trump and the Republicans as the media sales that line to the lemmings that listen to them everyday and soak in what they say without question.

Get ready for $4 Plus a gallon gas because it's coming.  The new Green deal means when everybody actually sees what the policies bring us they're going to turn green and not with envy.

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Your last cartoon should be relevant but, as you know, most of those who voted for Biden/Harris don't have enough reasoning to put two and two together and realize that their vote is responsible for this.  Sadly, and fearfully, I'm afraid that gas crisis is just an omen of things to come.  My prediction, and fear, is that unprecedented rises in prices of most everything (including groceries and food) will lead to total inflation runaway up to and including the fed raising interest rates and us (The US) seeing housing and the building/construction industry hit hard, as interest rates on new housing loans reach back into 12% and higher ranges.  In other words a full economic meltdown as these people (Democrat politicians) who know nothing about capitalism and business continue to push/force-feed their climate change (global warming) and  "green new deal" agenda upon Americans.  

Eventually things will become so bad and horrendous that Democrats will rely and call upon the media to sell a new story to the public of lemmings who will sadly believe everything they are told.  Again here is my prediction ...

Biden, Democrats, (those really in Charge of figurehead Biden, possibly Obama and his like) along with the media selling a story that ALL of Business across all spectrums from Construction to energy to food voluntarily brought all this misery upon us because they were "closet" Trump supporters and thus the misery that all of America will find itself in will be "Trump's fault" or Trump's follower's fault and certainly not laid at the feet of Democrat policy makers and politicians.  And as usual the lemmings (public), those who actually were crazy (blind) enough to vote these people in will believe it all, hook line and sinker.  All of the misery will be said to be Trump's ultimate fault because of his supporters doing everything to bring Biden/Harris/Democrats down and make them look bad.  That's my prediction because, like it or not (and most rational people will not) tough and unprecedented bad times are coming upon all of us.

Time will only tell if the Democrats are able to force through their changes such that they can cement power and actually eliminate the chance that voters will vote them out of power.  Changes such as making Washington DC & Puerto Rico states (naturally with 2 Democratic Senator's each) giving the Democrats 4 Senators and cement power in the Senate along with securing a political majority in the Supreme Court by stacking the Court with liberal justices.  Then maybe Chief Justice Roberts' will finally realize that his actions led to the destruction of the Supreme Court (third branch of Government) with his miserable failures while Chief Justice.  

Sorry for the long post ... just fearful that we are losing our Nation.  This, though, didn't start with Obama but rather started back in the 1960's and forward with the educational system and as college professors and the education system was changed over the years to one that didn't teach but rather indoctrinated into Marxism and anti-American philosophies and teachings.  Also in creating division among Americans by creating a race division that shouldn't exist such that they can control one large segment of the electorate that they need to continuously win in elections all while sowing the seeds of that race's ultimate destruction as a new majority race is secured in illegal immigrants who will ultimately be given citizenship and voting rights.  A super lemming race if you will that will never question their vote and secure Democrat power for decades if not generations to come.  

Ever get the idea we're just talking to our own selves?

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