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San Diego Could Lose Half Their Police Force From Vaccine Mandate, 45% Are Willing to Be Fired

A rather remarkable situation in San Diego that we could see play out in the rest of the nation.  The police union, The San Diego Police Officers Association (SDPOA), asked their members about the vaccination mandate.

65 percent of the respondents said they would consider quitting the force if the city were to impose a requirement.  However, an alarming 45 percent said they would rather be fired than comply with the mandate.

The SDPOA has 1,971 members.  According to the San Diego Union Tribune, half of those officers are not vaccinated.  If that half of the entire police department were to be fired for non-compliance with the vaccine mandate, the city of San Diego would be in a really sketchy place.  The city has a deadline for compliance on November 2nd.

About 90 percent of San Diego police officers who responded to a recent survey said they oppose COVID-19 vaccine mandates, and 65 percent of them said they would consider quitting the force if the city were to impose a requirement.

About 45 percent said they would rather be fired than comply with a mandate, according to the survey, which was conducted in the past week by the San Diego Police Officers Association. (read more)

We can imagine this same type of conversation is likely taking place in several cities and counties at the same time.  The police officers union was not present for the discussions with the Biden White House.  The US Postal Workers Union was present, and they were granted an exemption from the forced vaccine requirement.

American Medical Bureaucracy Increase Threats Against Doctors Who Do Not Comply With Forced Vaccination Position

“Nice license you’ve got there Doc, it’d be a shame if something happened to it”…

That is the overwhelming threat message coming from the regulatory boards of the American medical establishment to all doctors operating in the U.S.   The professional threats have increased in direct proportion to the tone of threat from the White House.    The threats are intended to maintain the fear narrative behind COVID-19, and push all medical healthcare providers to carry only one acceptable opinion.

Before getting to the American Medical Association (AMA) statements and guidance, let’s first look at some of the threats from the specialty fields in the system.  Look at the last paragraph of this notification letter from the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM): (Source)

The ABEM specialty portal contains a link for people within the emergency room healthcare field to “report a violation” of the approved messaging.  Should an emergency room physician or healthcare provider (ie. nurse) make any statement that contradicts the governing authority, they will have their certification revoked.   Think about that.

Also, keep in mind, these are threats that only pertain to the delivery of healthcare in the United States, and the position of forced vaccination in America.  This is happening at the same time that other countries are abandoning the ‘exclusive vaccination approach‘, and are instead focusing on using their healthcare systems to keep people alive and healthy.

The U.K. appears to be following the advice of Sir Andrew Pollard, the Senior U.K. Vaccinologist in Great Britain, and will drop vaccine requirements and demands for a vaccine passport.  Pollard previously said the vaccine only approach was not working – the system needed to shift to protecting the population through therapeutics. [VIDEO HERE]  Pollard’s position is supported by the variants, and the fact that vaccinated people are now at greater risk for negative outcomes as their vaccine antibodies seem increasingly variant specific.

Denmark has also abandoned their previous closed approach which was predicated on masks, social distancing and vaccinations.  Denmark is reopening their society and shifting toward the model already taking place in Sweden.

Sweden has tackled COVID-19 through common sense, treatment and therapeutics, while focusing vaccination on those with pre-existing conditions that make them more vulnerable.  Sweden has been open and successful all year.  Their population has a healthy lifestyle, and high natural immunity.

However, the U.S. approach is exactly the opposite.   Our healthcare system is now threatening anyone who does not support the mandated vaccines.  It is creepy to the extreme.  Here’s another example:


If the direct threats against U.S. doctors were not enough, a COVID watchdog group recently noted: “It appears that the Prep Act had been amended such that private hospitals and entities were covered in their actions taken with Covid-19  patients and relieved of all liability as long as they were prescribing ‘Covered Countermeasures’. ie. NIH approved medications. This may be why hospitals are refusing to use effective COVID treatments like vitamin D, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, etc” (link)

Under the HHS Notification, the PREP Act has been modified: “The amended Section VII adds that PREP Act liability protections also extend to Covered Persons for Recommended Activities that are related to any Covered Countermeasure that is:

  1. licensed, approved, cleared, or authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (or that is permitted to be used under an Investigational New Drug Application or an Investigational Device Exemption) under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act or Public Health Service (PHS) Act to treat, diagnose, cure, prevent, mitigate or limit the harm from COVID–19, or the transmission of SARS–CoV–2 or a virus mutating therefrom; (link)

The attachment of a liability or tort waiver to only cover FDA approved therapeutics is more pressure upon the doctors to stop any non approved patient treatment protocol due to coverage restrictions on their malpractice insurance.    These types of coercive pressures are evidence to support the claims of a nurse whistle-blower inside the system [VIDEO HERE]

Rounding out the latest examples of pressure to only comply with the vaccine protocol, the American Medical Association (AMA) has now produced updated guidance directly threatening all healthcare providers that do not force the vaccination into their patients.  [AMA Winter “Guidance”]

The level of propaganda is now beyond creepy: “Exemptions based on religious or philosophic grounds, or personal belief, endanger the health of the unvaccinated individual and the health of those in his or her group and the community at large.” (page 6)

The AMA, the largest medical governing body, is now taking the political position that the unvaccinated are a risk to the vaccinated?

(Full Guidance pdf)

Healthy people who have recovered from COVID-19 and carry natural immunity are being forced to have their immune system compromised by an mRNA “vaccine” (really gene therapy) that forever makes the recipient more vulnerable than they were with their own antibodies.    This makes absolutely no sense.

And all of this pressure to promote, force and mandate the gene therapy is wildly disproportionate to the threat the COVID-19 virus presents.

A significant percentage of those who originally took the vaccine shots are no longer comfortable with the new mantra that booster shots will be needed to deal with virus variants.   I consistently fall back on the single truest statement I have ever known in life: “The need for control is a reaction to fear!”

That control truism is most certainly evident amid those who have taken the vaccine.  The vaccinated crowd are severely angry with those who refuse to get in their cattle-car.   Control is a reaction to fear, and I cannot help but see the fear visible in those who have taken the vaccine.  Not all, but many of the vaccinated people need everyone in the same boat, because, God forbid, it comes out that vaccinated people have just unwittingly locked themselves into an irreversible state of perpetual health compromise.

If my healthy immune system is now a threat to your controlled and manipulated immune system – that ain’t my problem.

The need for control is a reaction to fear.  Think in terms or politics and society – the fear behind the eyes of Democrats is the fear that someone might withhold things (opportunities, money, whatever) from me, fear that if you live your life in a way I dislike, that it might affect my life.  They fear that if you get that job, there will be nothing left for them.  They fear that if you make tons of money, it’s means there’s less money out there for them.   So, people who believe in the world of leftist thought seek control as a means of trying to create guarantees and sa***uards against those circumstances they fear.

Modern Democrats, leftists and Marxists, try to control the world and people to enable their comfort and happiness. Which, as we know, is an endless quest. Trying to control others does nothing in the way of making oneself happy. By extension, voting in this mindset so that government can try to control others will also – shocking – not lead to a happier, more comfortable life.

Ultimately the COVID-19 virus is not something to fear, it is something to treat.  Lose weight, get healthy, drink water, eat good foods, laugh often and keep active.

A healthy, happy, low stress life is one of the best immune systems you can build.  Not only against the threat of viruses, but also against the mindset of the perpetually aggrieved – ie. modern Democrats.

The Biden Administration last week issued its order to penalize businesses and individuals who refuse to receive the currently available COVID-19 vaccines with the same disregard for reality by which they ordered the abandonment of Afghanistan. If a comparable rout does not result, it will be a miracle.

Timing has a lot to do with it. The administration decided to use force, in its own name and on a substantial portion of Americans, precisely at a time when facts about the vaccines’ usefulness—which raise questions about their very status as “vaccines” in the ordinary sense of the word—had become indisputable.

The administration tells us we must all be vaccinated lest we, the unvaccinated, infect the vaccinated—people whom the vaccines are supposed already to have made immune to infection. That, after all, is the very meaning of the word “vaccine.” But the administration admits that the vaccines do not make its recipients immune—at least not for long. For how long? They really have only guesses.

So what do these vaccines do? On September 10, the Wall Street Journal published a story titled, “Some Vaccines Last a Lifetime. Here’s Why Covid-19 Shots Don’t.” The subheadline elaborated: “Researchers have calculated a key number—the threshold of protection—for other vaccines. Covid-19’s is still a mystery.” It’s just the facts, m’am. These vaccines’ simple genetic structure produces artificial antibodies that provide partial immunity to reinfection during the weeks or few months of their duration. The vaccines apparently also reduce the effects of the infection—much as ordinary drugs do, many effectively banned without scientific basis. This puts the so-called “vaccines” into the category of treatments.

All of this has led the administration and the drug companies happily and quietly to sign up for a program of perpetual booster shots to extend immunity of an unknowable extent for unknowable periods, into the future, forever.

Forever, because the administration also denies what every epidemiologist will affirm under oath, that persons who have been infected by the novel coronavirus and its variants and have recovered (that is 99 percent) necessarily carry with them natural, long-lasting antibodies. How long do these last? We do not know—only that, if only because of their molecular structure, they surely last longer than the artificial ones. Only when compelled will professionals dare publicly to utter the truth that every literate person knows: Epidemics from airborne viruses stop spreading only after having spread natural antibodies, and hence natural immunity, throughout society.

Now let us look at the Biden Administration’s order from another perspective: our own. Why should any of us, whose infirmity or obesity does not put us into clear and present danger, put into our bodies a vaccine the serious adverse effects of which are yet unknown and the benefits of which dwindle the more we consider them?

Official denigration of the basic facts requires us to repeat them: COVID-19 is no plague, and the vaccines that are being forced on us do not prevent infection—Biden himself says so, correctly.

And what happens if we do get infected? The government’s reluctance to gather accurate figures notwithstanding, the answer for many (if not most) people is: little or nothing. The United States has had some 40 million “confirmed cases.” But the National Institutes of Health estimates that upward of 100 million Americans have been infected. This means that up to 60 percent of infections are asymptomatic. You don’t even notice them. Nearly all the rest involve mere inconvenience. What am I willing to pay or give up or risk for a shield against that?

We individuals, responsible for our own well being, reasonably ask with regard to vaccination: “What’s in it for me?” The answer is not a compelling argument for putting medicine into my body, the benefits of which are less imposing than questions and risks.

But when we ask why the Democratic Party, its associates in the media, and the rest of the ruling class, including the drug companies, are pushing vaccination so hard, we are quickly dismissed and told that it is because of their benign, paternalistic, scientifically informed concern for our health.

Who really believes that?

By the very token by which we conclude that there is nothing in it for us, we notice that there is plenty in it for them: the power that comes from keeping Americans “pseudo-Science-whipped” into obedience to the ruling class; and the money, lots of it, that this power continues to funnel away from the likes of us to the likes of them.

The Democratic Party’s practical error, with regard to vaccination as with regard to the way it ended the U.S. presence in Afghanistan, is the hubris by which it has forgotten that when you make war on anyone, they may well make war on you. Democrats appear to have imagined that they could safely lead with their chin against adversaries who have been waiting for their chance.

EXCLUSIVEVirginia's former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who is running to win back his seat in November, was seen mask-less on an Amtrak train from New York to Washington, D.C., in late July – skirting federal mask mandates and Amtrak rules.

Fox News obtained photos of McAuliffe on a train from New York City's Moynihan Train Hall at Penn Station on the night of July 29. An Amtrak passenger, who spoke to Fox News on condition of anonymity, took the photos, calling McAuliffe's violation of the rules an "absolute double standard."

The photo shows McAuliffe walking down the aisle of an Amtrak train, on a phone call, and not wearing a face covering. McAuliffe is seen standing under Amtrak's sign stating face masks are required. The relatively empty train car does show a passenger in the distance wearing a mask, and the passenger behind McAuliffe with a white strap over his ear, signaling that he, too, was wearing a mask.

"Amtrak requires everyone to wear a face mask," the sign reads. "Face masks must fully cover the mouth and nose and secure under the chin. Face masks must always be worn unless actively eating or drinking."

Amtrak’s website also states: "Federal law requires all customers and employees to wear a mask at all times while onboard trains and in stations, regardless of vaccination status or state or local laws."

Amtrak requires all passengers to wear face coverings and masks throughout entirety of trip, per federal mandate. 

Amtrak requires all passengers to wear face coverings and masks throughout entirety of trip, per federal mandate.

"Refusing to wear a mask is a violation of federal law; passengers may be subject to penalties under federal law, denied boarding, removed from the train, and banned from future travel in the event of noncompliance," Amtrak states.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an order in January that required face masks to be worn by all people while on public transportation. That order also required all individuals to wear masks while at transportation hubs, including airports, bus or ferry terminals, train and subway stations, and other locations where people board public transportation in the United States.

The passenger who shared the photos with Fox News said they were waiting to board the train when they recognized McAuliffe across the station taking a phone call.

McAuliffe seen in New York Penn Station's Moynihan Train Hall without a face mask. Federal mask mandates require face coverings on public transportation and in all public transportation hubs including airports and train stations. 

McAuliffe seen in New York Penn Station's Moynihan Train Hall without a face mask. Federal mask mandates require face coverings on public transportation and in all public transportation hubs including airports and train stations.

"My brain didn’t really move right away, but all of a sudden, I thought, that guy looks familiar," the passenger said, adding that they "took a picture of him there while we were in line."

The passenger said a staffer for McAuliffe was waiting in line to board the train for him, while he took a phone call in the distance. When it was time to board the train, the passenger said the McAuliffe staffer waved him over to the line.

The passenger said McAuliffe was "not wearing a mask on the escalator down to the platform," saying he continued his phone call.  

"We happened to be in the same train car, and I took the second photo. We took our seats, and I didn’t get up for the rest of the trip, so I can’t speak to what he did or did not do during the trip as far as wearing a mask."

The passenger added that when the train arrived to Union Station in Washington, D.C., McAuliffe was still not wearing a mask. The passenger, though, said they could not get a photo of him.

"I remember thinking I should say something to him, but didn’t want to start some incident or viral issue," the passenger said.

"I’m vaccinated, but Amtrak says put a mask on, so I put a mask on," the passenger said. "And when I looked around, he kind of highlighted himself because everyone else was wearing a mask."


He added: "You have an individual who wants to be a leader of a state here in the United States, and it is an absolute double standard. You have to lead by example."

The passenger went on to say that Americans "are tired of being told to do something by our leaders, and they don’t follow it themselves."

"Whether you agree with it or not, it is easy enough to throw a mask on for a little while," the passenger said. "It seems to be a constant – whether you’re the governor of California or a member of Congress, or someone running for governor of Virginia."

The passenger was referring to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who was seen last year at a hair salon in San Francisco, without a mask, despite local ordinances keeping salons closed; and California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who was seen dining indoors without a mask last year, despite local COVID-19 guidelines. Newsom is facing a recall election Tuesday, as Californians attempt to unseat him over his handling of the COVID pandemic.


The passenger added: "There is no accountability with politicians these days and it frustrates people."

The McAuliffe campaign did not comment on the photos of the candidate, but slammed his Republican opponent, Glenn Youngkin, saying that he has "an extensive history" of not following CDC mask guidance.

"Glenn Youngkin has shown Virginians he will be a failure when it comes to controlling this pandemic and rebuilding Virginia’s economy," McAuliffe spokesman Renzo Olivari told Fox News. "Glenn has an extensive history of not following CDC mask guidelines dating back to the worst periods of the COVID-19 pandemic, and he peddles such dangerous anti-vaxx and anti-mask rhetoric that doctors in Virginia have begged him to stop undermining measures that will prevent the spread of this virus."

Olivari added: "Terry is the only candidate in this race who has a plan to get Virginians vaccinated, keep our kids in schools, and create a better future for all Virginians."

McAuliffe, in an op-ed published in the Washington Post in August about defeating the novel coronavirus, wrote that he "will always lead by example," and added that "taking this virus seriously is not a partisan issue it's a leadership test."

McAuliffe has repeatedly posted on Twitter, reminding individuals to wear masks to protect against COVID-19 and to follow CDC guidance.

Terry McAuliffe
We are moving in the right direction under ’s leadership. Keep wearing a mask. Keep social distancing. Get the vaccine as soon as you’re able. Better days to come 💥💥💥
Terry McAuliffe
There are no words that can convey the tragedy of losing 500,000 Americans to COVID-19. To anyone who is struggling right now - please know you are in my prayers. We can and will beat this virus. Wear a mask and stay safe. Keep the faith.
Terry McAuliffe
Terry McAuliffe

there are always questions. if they boot the servicemen that won't vax. Are they booting those who wouldn't support Marshall law?  If they boot fed. employees that won't vax. Are they again booting those who won't or don't support evil government?  Congress exempt, post office exempt,,, why?   Hospital over flowed, yet booting nurses and doctors that don't vax?   Not vaxxing illegals before releasing them into country. Not vaxxing refugees.

rumors of false flag at Sept. 18th protest in DC.  someone promoting patriots meet at 9 am at local library on 18th to start organization.   

@1130 posted:

there are always questions. if they boot the servicemen that won't vax. Are they booting those who wouldn't support Marshall law?  If they boot fed. employees that won't vax. Are they again booting those who won't or don't support evil government?  Congress exempt, post office exempt,,, why?   Hospital over flowed, yet booting nurses and doctors that don't vax?   Not vaxxing illegals before releasing them into country. Not vaxxing refugees.

rumors of false flag at Sept. 18th protest in DC.  someone promoting patriots meet at 9 am at local library on 18th to start organization.   

Big problem for the left, that 'talking out of both sides of their mouth'. People are fed up with their lies. All their stupid talk about Ivermectin. A handful of people did that, and I would bet not any are doing that now. They forget the liberals drinking aquarium cleaner, eating tide pods, taking the "covid challenge" by licking public handrails and toilet seats. They villainized hydroxychloroquine and made it seem almost like poison even though it is an old drug, used for years quite successfully, for malaria, Lupus, RA. While they support people from other countries that are steeped in superstition and do some of the most outrageous things you have ever heard of in the way of treatments and such, the left belittles American citizens.  In American courts 'foreigners' sue each other over all sorts of things they do to each other and it is sickening to listen to one of them claim the other one has put a voodoo curse on them. They also have no idea how the system works and half the time they have to be told they are breaking the law as well as the one they're suing. This is what is OK with the left. This mish mash of a mess that they have brought in on citizens and just expect us to say, that's OK. As you said, illegals that they know are infected being let loose in the country. The hundreds of thousands of afghans brought in, unvetted, unchecked, let loose to wander anywhere they want to go. There are statements all over the news and in opinion pieces and articles from liberals saying, don't treat the unvaccinated, let them die. YET, we spend millions/billions, on the treatment of illegals and ones like the afghans that the left drags into the country and that is fine with the left. Then that demented old man Biden, who should be in a nursing home, gets on TV and threatens citizens of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, threatens to fire them and take away their ability to make a living, and that too is OK with the left. Then they wonder why we don't want to sing Kumbaya and hug it out with their treacherous and traitorous ***.  I took the vaccine, the left swore was the fix,  and then they tell me I will have to take a booster, and the cherry on top, I can still get, and potentially pass on Covid. So they say, will you do us a little favor and still wear your maskypoo and socially distance?? Oh, but they don't do that. Pictures all over of them without masks and not socially distancing. Yep, out of both sides of their hypocritical mouth!

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Child fights for life after mother's beau called her a 'demon' and threw her from balcony (

A day before the incident, the boyfriend told Matthews that her child was a "demon," police said.

"Angela said she and Jarick practice and believe in African Spirituality and on Saturday Jarick started talking about how he believed (the daughter) was full of bad spirits," according to the police report. "Matthews told him to stop talking about her daughter in that way, to which she indicated Jarick apologized to her."

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