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Somebody in the "You Said It" section today said build as aquarium. I know it's been suggested but has it been discussed by the powers that be? I've spent this time in thought. Trying to imagine what could be built in the park that people would accept. There are a few things that it would be hard to find fault with.

I know several people who have driven to Chattanooga, TN just to see the aquarium and come back home. A simple day trip. Of course they eat somewhere along the way. They probably also do a little shopping in all the outlet stores. They might even take in an I-Max movie. After all that, several are going to opt to spend the night. Now maybe if we build all that the local people would just make a quick trip to the aquarium and back home but the people in Chattanooga need someplace to go too.

I've gone to Birmingham and Nashville just for outdoor concerts. Of course I'd leave early so I could stop off with my friends and spend fifty bucks apiece on a meal and a few drinks. Then go to the concert and enjoy an open air night of music and beer.

How could we go wrong with an aquarium, an I-Max theatre, and an open air concert arena. If it won't all fit in the park what about the undeveloped property around the hotel? There's room all along the river bank along there for something to be built. You could connect the venues with this walking trail some keep wanting.

Of course a few things would need to happen to enhance this. Maybe we could finally turn East Florence, with it's quirky architectural style, into a night time entertainment district with a couple of pubs. Of course that would mean loosening up the strangle hold on alcohol sales. No more 51% rule. Mandatory that draft beer sales would have to be allowed. That sort of thing. That would be a perfect place to warm up before a concert on the river bank.

I think something like this is the best idea going. Not just because it's mine, actually it's not. It's just being offered for discussion by me. I really think it would allow us to develope the park to draw people in to the hotel and still have the park to use as a nice place for outdoor entertainment. If you agree let's get behind it and push. If not then let's hear a better idea.
"I say, ah, pay attention now son!"
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A zoo, a zoo!

We need a zoo!

It could be there at Veteran's Park and have all sorts of animals, including some nearly extinct ones!

That would be soooo cool!

Imagine having cages for the Bobbypithicus Ferrous!

Feeding time would be so much fun!

Throw a couple of bags of Benjamins in there, and watch him go!


Look out!

He's known to throw his fece at the visitors!
Folks, once again GOD LOVE YOU ALL! But, you know what is going to happen, the horse is dead! RSA and Bronner OWN Bobby Irons and the Florence City Council and whatever King Bronner pronounces we: the taxpayers of Florence and the Shoals, will be FORCED to follow. And if there was a reporter with any fortitute (and I am being nice here) all these ideas would be published in the paper. But, NO the TD is beholding to RSA and Bronner too! Try Channel 31 in Huntsville, RSA owns Channel 48 and Channel 19 is owned by the Times Daily which has a vested interest in RSA (Golf Digest Magazine). I am not kidding folks, the only way to stop this thing is PROTEST and not just at council meetings, let's take it to the streets as we did when they were trying to steal TVA walking trails.
Since when did Channel 19 acquire the TD? I thought the NYT owned it? Besides, the FCC just repealed the law preventing cross ownership a few years ago. A buyout like that would have made news.

I think the RSA has done some good things for the Shoals. My company will be heading to Florence for a convention this winter. Conventions are great for the community because they have very little impact on traffic or the city, yet the city makes a very nice profit. The problem I have is the city council blindly goes with whatever the RSA wants to do. Bronner doesn't know what is important and sacred to the Shoals residents, he just wants to make money. It's up to the city leaders to protect the interests of the residents and with the Bass Pro Shop fiasco, it proves they aren't doing their job.
FCC used to have a rule in place that prevented cross ownership. Powell and the rest of the commission decided to let conglomerates get even bigger by doing away with this rule. That's why we see less and less independent license holders and more companies like NYT and Clear Channel gobbling up every medium they can. That's a scary thing.

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