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Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, said Wednesday that it would ration the amount of rice each customer can purchase at its Sam's Club warehouse stores because of recent “supply and demand trends.”

whats next bread and milk?
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Originally posted by Public-Opinion:
i first heard of this my first thought was to run out and buy some, then i said wait i dont even eat rice, let them run out.

LMAO. I bet a bunch of folks do that. I use it for chicken n rice or rice with butter and sugar for breakfast. Some things I cook call for it, but we could do without it and eat more oatmeal.....

I figure it will be 10 bucks a box within a week. Smiler
Major drought in Australia which is a large wheat producer. Using grains to make ethanol. Subsidizing grain in one country that destroys the other country's agriculture. Haiti used to produce rice, but so much cheap rice flowed into the country their agriculture was destroyed. Same for Africa agriculture and the EU. Urbanization destroying farmland.
Before you say "I don't eat rice" take a second and think about that statement. You don't eat rice with your burritos at Taco Bell or Casa? You don't eat cereal (Rice Crispies, perhaps)? You don't have a box of Uncle Bens or Zataran's in the cupboard? Go check your cupboards and look at the ingredients in your crakcers, frozen dinners, soups, baby food, and even candy. What is the crunchy stuff in a 100 Grand Bar, Nestlé Crunch, and Krackel? It is rice. Do you have pets? Look and see what the main ingredients are in dog and cat food. Rice is right on up there.

You may not buy basmati rice or jasmine rice on a regular basis, but you do buy rice in some form or fashion more than you think.
Originally posted by Howard Roark:
For several reasons there is a world shortage of rice and other grains. Most of the areas where Wal-mart and Costco are limiting sales have large Asian populations. They are buying the rice and sending it to their relatives in the Phillipines, India, etc.

I wondered WHY they were rationing rice! I eat very little rice due to my issues with diabetes, but my son and husband love to eat it. I just happened to get sick of buying expensive rice at my local grocery store (literately over $6.00 for a medium container of the stuff!!) several months ago and bought a huge bag of basmati rice (the kind that has to be rinsed first) that came in a brown bag that looked like the old timey burlap sacks from Costco. I guess it is a good thing I did. That bag will last my hubby and son at least two years!

This rationing thing is a bit disconcerting!

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