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Now we know why Sen. Elizabeth Warren hasn’t released a cost estimate for her Medicare-For-All plan until now.

$52,000,000,000,000. That’s 52 trillion dollars. That’s how much the program, which would offer free health to “all 331 million Americans,” would cost over a decade.

Wait, Warren said the cost would be “just under $52 trillion.” Phew.

No one would have “to pay for premiums or copays or any of the other ways health insurance companies stick you with the bill,” Warren says on her website. “What’s more, Elizabeth’s plan for Medicare for All doesn’t raise middle-class taxes by one penny.”

On Friday, Warren wrote on Twitter: “Here’s the headline: My plan won’t raise taxes one penny on middle-class families. In fact, we’ll return about $11 TRILLION to the American people. That’s bigger than the biggest tax cut in our history. Here’s how.”

But Warren’s numbers are suspect. She says 87 million American adults in 2018 were uninsured or “underinsured” – meaning either “they have no insurance or their so-called health insurance is like a car with the engine missing. It looks fine sitting on the lot, but is inadequate if they actually need to use it.”

When former president Barack Obama pushed Obamacare through Congress, he said more than 50 million people were uninsured or underinsured, so that number has gone up by 27 million?

How will it all be paid for?

“The $11 trillion in household insurance and out-of-pocket expenses projected under our current system goes right back into the pockets of America’s working people,” Warren writes. “And we make up the difference with targeted spending cuts, new taxes on giant corporations and the richest 1% of Americans, and by cracking down on tax evasion and fraud. Not one penny in middle-class tax increases.”

“How is it all paid for? Well, if you’re not in the top 1%, Wall Street, or a big corporation—congratulations, you don’t pay a penny more and you’re fully covered by #MedicareForAll,” Warren wrote on Twitter.

That, too, is suspect.

“The campaign’s detailed Medicare-for-all proposal, however, insists that the costs can be covered by a combination of existing federal and state spending on Medicare and other health care — as well as myriad taxes on employers, financial transactions, the ultra-wealthy and large corporations and some savings elsewhere,” Fox News reports. “Those measures are meant to pay for a projected $20.5 trillion in new federal spending. Notably, they include what is essentially a payroll tax increase on employers, something economists generally say can hit workers in the form of reduced wages.”

Warren also proposes even more taxes on the ultra-rich, expanding on her previously announced signature wealth tax, to tax more of anyone’s net worth over $1 billion (estimated to raise another $1 trillion). Warren also calls for raising capital gains tax rates for the wealthy, taxing more foreign earnings and imposing a tax on financial transactions to generate $800 billion in revenue.

Warren’s plan does address one serious problem: Lobbyists.


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If Warren was/is the Democrat candidate and was in a debate with Trump he could field one of the best lines ever.  When Warren spouted out about her plans for Healthcare Trump could say something to the effect .. "You may have lied your way into Harvard but you can't lie your way into the White House".

"If allowed power, in 25 years the left will be euthanizing anyone 65 years of age, or handicapped, or severely injured or critically ill, and only allowing certain people to have children, and then only one child. That is how they think they will pay for that healthcare for all, including their pets-the illegals".



Last edited by Jutu
Thanks to the DNC, FBI, CIA we are up to our necks with China, China has
become their model of a dictatorship. 
The deep state has become too deep, Trump screwed up the plans and
they will get rid him if they have to kill him, they will.
Another chance like this will probably never happen again. They have
shown their hand and it's no turning back now.
The UN is slowly digging in.
The people can't comprehend mentally what's going down globally.
Maybe someone has a reasonable answer as to why the actions
taken against America is normal and it will dissipate with time.
The last time this type of force against its people was the 
Revolutionary war.

Most empires come apart and are destroyed from within and not without.  It very much could be the same with America and our period of democracy where we have experienced unparalleled freedom unknown by any society in history.  So often people become accustomed to their luxuries and don't know just how good they have it until the good times are gone.  So could be the story of our democracy and our not so distant future if we are not careful.  Those who are young today seem to be very poor students of history and I've actually heard that some have viewed Communism in a favorable light.

If that is the case it's evidence that our schools and Nation have failed in educating a whole generation of young people especially with respect to Communism as has been implemented by the Soviet Union and other totalitarian governments.   It seems that a whole generation has no recollection of the millions that were trampled over and murdered for no other reason than a brutal dictator wanted them out of the way.  America is not guaranteed that we will survive and continue to enjoy the freedom and luxuries that we have.  Our society and Nation does have it's ills and problems but even our population in poverty lives way better than much of the world's population in other parts.  Our future is in our own hands and unfortunately also in the hands of people and a growing number of people who either have lost appreciation of what it is to be special, an American or do not care for it any longer.

'Woah, I was shocked this morning when I scanned the headlines in the liberal media. They've woken up to the economic lunacy of Elizabeth Warren's 'Medicare-for-all,'" said Stu Varney on the latest edition of Fox Nation's "My Take." 

Last week, Sen. Warren, D-Mass., outlined a plan that would cost $52 trillion over the next decade, including $20 trillion in new spending, which would be covered largely by an array of taxes on corporations, the wealthy and employers in general.

"Now she is the darling of the left. But on this one, she is taking a shellacking," Varney observed by running through some headlines from the country's largest newspapers on Tuesday.

The headline for a New York Times opinion piece by former Obama administration Treasury adviser Steven Rattner, read, "The Warren Way Is the Wrong Way: Her big-government plans would damage rather than improve our economy."

Rattner wrote, "Senator Elizabeth Warren has unveiled her vision for how to pay for “Medicare for all” — a daunting mountain of new taxes and fees."

The Washington Post's deputy editorial page editor raised concerns over the real costs of Sen. Warren's plan to "remake the U.S. health-care system" saying it is "festooned with magic asterisks" and "fanciful."

"I wasn't expecting this," said Varney. "It amounts to panic. Panic that the new front-runner for the Democrats has made a major gaffe that cannot be taken back."

"But it gets worse," he continued. "The New York Times conducted an extensive poll of battleground states, those states that will have a big say in deciding next year's winner... And the Times concluded, 'The president's advantage in the Electoral College... remains intact or has even grown.'"

"No wonder the Democrats are now pushing impeachment," concluded Varney. "There is only a year to go to the election and they're losing on policy, losing on prosperity and their socialist front-runners are being attacked by their own side."

To see Stuart Varney's full remarks on  "My Take", and for more episodes of his daily commentary, visit Fox Nation and join today.

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