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March 11, 2020

Biden wobbling and bobbing as he gave a nonsensical answer to the reporter's question.


After the incident yesterday with the auto worker where Joe Biden got into a heated debate about gun rights, he was asked about the incident as he was going to his car.

Watch the video below where Biden looks a little confused when asked about the incident and then answers with a completely different topic. He responded that he couldn’t believe Sanders was in alignment with the Trump campaign on bashing him. This had nothing to do with the question that was asked by the reporter.

Biden is then led to the car by his campaign manager Symone Sanders. She grabs his arm to pull him into the car to stop him from engaging more with the reporters:

A similar incident happened a few months ago where a handler walked Biden through the campaign office in Iowa (see video below). This isn’t the first time Biden has been lead by someone. It’s disturbing to watch because Biden is clearly so frail:

Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden’s campaign is beginning to remind us of Hillary in her 2016 campaign against Donald J. Trump. Like Hillary, clips of Biden bumbling and stumbling through townhalls and TV appearances have been played over and over again on multiple news outlets and all over social media.


In September, Biden gave his supporters a new reason to question his fitness to become the next president. During a CNN town hall focusing on climate change, Biden’s left eye began to pool up with blood.

At a campaign office in Iowa earlier today, Joe Biden could be seen being led around by a campaign aide who appears to be helping him to navigate through the door. The 78-year-old former Vice President Joe Biden can be seen leaving the inside of a building wearing dark sunglasses and being helped through the door. If you didn’t know the person in the video is the Democrat’s presidential frontrunner, you might confuse him for an elderly blind person being helped by an aide.

 The DNC has hired Ozzy Osbourne as Joe Biden's speech writer after admitting Ozzy makes more sense than Joe.


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This is just like a girl I know. Terry will come into your house 'to visit' and steal your you have that she can get a chance to get her hands on. You know she stole the things but she just says..."ha ha...what are you going to do about can't prove it". By the time others are warned she has done damage. We all know what the left is up to but they just laugh and say..."what can you do about it".

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