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Far left reporter Christiane Amanpour invited Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto on to discuss his country’s insistence on self-preservation, an idea that absolutely embarrasses the Western globalists today.

Before the questioning began Amanpour accused Hungary of holding “draconian” policies on immigration.

Hungary was one of several countries including the US, Israel and Australia who refused to sign the United Nations Compact on Immigration, a catastrophic plan to flood Western democracies with millions and millions of new third world migrants in the coming years.

Minister Szijjarto: We absolutely support the right of a country to determine who they want to let in and what kind of a country they would like to be… Migrants disrespect your borders. They violate your laws. They attack your police. They cause injuries to your police.

Amanpour: Your prime minister, Prime Minister Orban has repeatedly said that his main aim is to preserve “Christian Hungary.” And you said we don’t accept that multi-culturalism is a value by itself. Less than 2% of Hungarians were born outside the country. It’s weird, that kind of language. It’s very out of step…

Szijjarto: No, it’s honest… We’ve been a Christian country for a millennium. And I really don’t understand why it’s bad news that we don’t want to change that. And I don’t understand why it is bad or unacceptable as to why we want to stick to our history.

This was a brilliant interview by the foreign minister.
It really exposed that absolute insanity of the modern left.


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1130 posted:

doesn't matter if Muslims believe in Jesus, they are a vile religion.   Stoning women, killing christians, killing gays, marring underage girls, and more.   They are slowly taking over other countrie from the inside. Do we really want someone who has such low standards?  

I don't understand the left's love of Muslims and their hate for Christians.

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