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Hi all,

This lady asked a sincere, simple question -- and no one has given her a civil response. So, she misspelled caterer; big deal. Have any of you ever misspelled a word before?

Somehow, that old maxim "If you can't say something nice; don't say anything at all!" comes to mind.

Now that the hounds have bayed; I pray that someone will come on this discussion and give this lady a civil, polite answer.

By the way, Squirt, I pray you have a beautiful wedding -- and a long, happy, prosperous married life.

God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,

Would like to take everyone the advice! I think it is sad that some people acted like they have never misspell a word before or mistype a word before. I could say nasty things about people on here and make fun of them for there mistakes but I want. Aleast my parents have raise me to have class and not make fun of someone. We all make mistakes. It is sad that no matter how old you are there will be always someone that has to make fun of others to get there high.
BeternU, from your posting, you imply that you either know the poster using the screen name Squirt3561 or you have a poor since of humor which to me really is not about the posting of the young lady. It’s all about her seeking some advice for her special day.

In the non-perfect world in which I live and work, I see people of all sizes, shapes, colors, ethnic background and a host of different personalities including people like you. That is one of the things that makes life interesting as I never know from one day to the other or who or what I am going to encounter.

Regardless if the bride weighs 105 pounds or 505, every bride dreams and desires of her perfect wedding, including her.
OK- It is not her fault that her spelling and grammar are atrocious. It is the Alabama Education Systems fault. Plus, I was actually being serious- I thought that since her grammar was so poor she really was looking for a rental car or horse and buggy since she mentioned a cake later on.... My bad.
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