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In another post/topic, by Jack Hammer, I got a bit philosophical in my reply, but as a continuation of what I was thinking in that reply which had to do with a contrast of our earthly, physical, fleshly existence/life while on this earth in our life's severely limited time period, when we put things in perspective the importance of things takes on a whole new dimension.  

None of us really know what a soul/person/spirit's future state will be after separation from the body at the point of physical death (speaking from the standpoint if one believes, accepts, or will go with a person being a spirt/soul living/dwelling within a physical, fleshly body).  If all of our futures are one that is spiritual in nature, not tied to this physical world but one of, or in, a Spiritual Realm then absolutely NOTHING we have will be of benefit in our future in any way.  Nor will things be of detriment either.  By this I mean any physical impairments or deficiencies will burden our futures nor will any possessions or abilities but rather it will be a whole new game a whole new existence that none of us are able, now, to comprehend.  

I believe the death process is a physical one whereby our current physical body becomes elements and useless and begins decay back to essential elements that it came from.  Human life or the need for the body ceases and if you are religious or Christian then that bodies need is to support the inner soul/spirit.  At the end of the bodies usefulness or purpose then the inner soul/spirit is no longer dependent upon the physical body.  At that point, and this gets into a more doctrinal or religious or philosophical discussion, the spirit/soul either leaves the body and is transported or moved to another place either alert or in a soul/spirit sleep state waiting to be awoken by the creator, for whatever future the creator decides it/we warrant.  

Some people believe souls/spirits go either to heaven or hell upon death and others don't believe in any future or that there exist a soul/spirit.  I guess they believe we somehow got a conscienceless, at birth, developed it and everything ceases and dies at death.  To me that would be a horrible end to think that it just stopped and ended but I don't believe that.   I don't know what the process exactly will be after death, nor does any other human, but it is possible, I believe, that our spirits/souls enter a sort of soul/spirit sleep to await awakening by Christ/God at His appointed time in the future.  Whether that future is 1, 10, 100, 1000, or One Billion years in the future I don't know but I do believe for each of us it will be like an instant in time.  The reason I say that is that if you believe in eternity (no end, no beginning) then time is irrelevant and there is no measure of time.  

I've heard some non-believers make statements like IF there is a God why didn't he just stop Satan immediately and instantly and not wait all this time for everything to play out and people to make decisions but rather take care of everything instantly.   When you discount time and consider eternity that is essentially what God has done.  Time becomes a physical thing a thing of physical measurement but Spiritually speaking time doesn't exist because there is no end, no beginning so 1 second in time is essentially the exact same amount as ten billion years because without a beginning and end there is no standard of measurement or division of measurement so Spiritually speaking God did take care of things instantly.  Time, like our possessions, are only relevant in a physical sense and if we are spiritual beings (souls/spirits) then what is important, really important, is our relationship with the creator, with God and satisfying Him.   I say Him but I see God as having no gender but rather an undefinable Spirit, ultimate power and being.  

I believe that the Scriptures, God's Word to humanity, is basically saying to us that the most important thing, for each person, is our relationship with God, Himself, and after that our relationship with each other, living with respect and love for each other I mean.  Possessions, iPhones, Money, Cars, earthly mansions are all extremely temporary and unimportant with respect to our eternal future and if we are selfish and greedy with what we have, that we have been given, then we only offend ourselves.  The greatest gifts are those things we can do for others and in pleasing with God and that doesn't necessarily mean monitory gifts or things but can be acts or deeds.  What is important is what last and not what dies and decays but so few ever come to a realization of that.  Society today teaches us to overcome others and to fight and dominate to enrich ourselves and many have done that to profane degrees.  

Still, and there are easy to find and see, so many that have achieved so much and become rich in our physical world, yet they are continually seeking to find happiness and fulfillment and cannot.  So many end up committing suicide or get entangled with things trying to find happiness only to multiply their sadness and unhappiness.  Sometimes they seem to find happiness with extreme wealth but that happiness is so fleeting and short because they are always having to change and have more or different things as they become accustomed and unhappy with what they have.  It's an endless cycle and even plays out the same at every income level as people continually attempt to have something new to make them satisfied but still they aren't.  

Finding happiness and contentment is something that comes not from money, possessions or anything physical but it's reconciling with the creator in knowing who we are, where we came from, and what our future destiny is with respect to the creator, at least that's what I believe.  If then our future is a Spiritual one then what is important is what benefits us in that realm and that direction rather than the physical or fleshly existence that we have now.  Back to the issue of time, with respect to eternity.  Another thing I hear from some who want to blame God or claim there is no God because of suffering or our own lack of understanding when something physically momentous or horrible happens and we try to rationalize it.  WE attempt to rationalize things from the only way we can and that is the human way.  For instance we hear of or experience the death of a child or infant and wonder how is there any justice in that life being lost.  From a human perspective there is no justice or reason in it but from a Spiritual point of view the physical and human side drops out.  If life, from a spiritual sense is true, and eternal, then as far as life is concerned and as far as existence is concerned a spirit/soul that has been in existance one day or one year, or six years, is the exact same as if that person had lived 100 years if looked at from a Spiritual/Godly point of view.  From a human point of view it is the most horrendous thing to have a death of a young innocent person and the pain and agony is immersurable on a human scale.  Ours is to learn to cope with and deal with such tragedies but to blame God may be human and even rational for some but when you consider things from God's perspective, a spiritual perspective then time drops out and it isn't a tragic death of a physical life but the soul/spirit never changes and continues to exist and live and isn't affected.  

For us to find happiness and resolution, as humans, then we should learn or develop the ability to look at things from a spiritual perspective meaning distinction of what is really important in life or in respect to where we fit in in the scope of eternal existence.  I guess that's enough philosophical thinking or contemplation for today.  Maybe, at this late/early hour little music while I head to rest may be nice.  I just wonder, at times, now someone who is self aware of being alive can believe that it all just ends one day.  Maybe for some it will just end and maybe, for some, punishment or hell or lack of reward will be to experience spiritual death where the spirit/soul just ceases to exist and is not permitted to continue on while others who find favor or find acceptance with God (the Creator) continue to live eternal in whatever future God has in store for us as finding favor with Him.  For others who are evil and prey on others and spend their time in destruction and harm I believe that it is fully reasonable to believe that God, the creator, may have a much more horrible existence for them and that their future or Hell may just be an eternal suffering for their future spiritual/soul state or to be placed in another physical environment where they would experience pain and suffering rather than being in a spiritual realm/place finding favor with the creator/God.  So many things one could contemplate but as sure as some might like to think they are no one knows for certain what their future state will be until that time comes.  

Even if, and I don't believe this is or will be the case, everything was just to end at the point of physical death then there would be no awareness of it at all and there would be no solace or satisfaction in being right.  I just believe that physical death will be the opposite of physical birth/life in that in birth the created spirit/soul becomes alive and enters into a fleshly/physical body in/at death the soul/spirit departs/leaves the physical/fleshly body and enters the Spiritual (future) realm of eternity.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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