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The other day, I went to the chest for clean underwear. In the drawer I found a strange pair of shorts. Size 3x and had the name Clint printed inside. I knew they weren't mine because I wear a medium size. Needless to say, I was a bit suspicious. I confronted my wife and she never skipped a beat. She said, "oh, I let my friend Shaniqua do laundry over here the other day and she must have left them."
Well, that seemed plausible at the time so I let it go. The next day my wife told me we needed to talk. She said she had to tell me something but I had to promise to forgive her. I said ok and she tlod me this.
She said, "Honey I love you but I've made a mistake. I have been unfaithful and ,yes, Clint is one of my lovers."
"One," I yelled. "Just how many have you had?"
"Well," she said. "there have been a few, but before you get upset let me tell you that every time I cheated I tried to make up for it." "Every time I was unfaithful I put a dollar in a box downstairs. If you don't believe me you can go look. It's still all there except for the $24,000 that I bought your truck with."

Now I don't know if I can trust her or not. What shoud I do?
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Originally posted by Not Shallow Not Slim:
This one's easy.

Every time she puts a dollar in the box,

Send A Dollar To NSNS.

I guarantee that every one of them will go to worthy, Minnesota orphans who are forced... forced!... to perform exercises on brass poles in the company of men.

Altruism, NSNS is thy name.


Off topic, but I must ask. If I send the dollar, do I get a picture of the poor orphan from Minnesota in return? Wink

Carry On...

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