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‘Creepy and bizarre’ picture of Bidens appearing to tower over tiny Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter confounds

Hey Joe....where are the masks???

Social media users had fun with an oddly set photo of President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden posing with former President Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter that was released by The Carter Center, the 39th president’s NGO he and his wife founded in 1982 after his term in office.

Specifically, social media users were mocking the photo’s perspective; the Bidens, who are kneeling next to the seated Carters, appear to be much larger than their hosts.


The Bidens met up with the Carters on Thursday as the former marked his 100th day in office. Reports noted that the meeting was the first between the couples since Biden became president because Carter and his wife missed the Jan. 20 inauguration over concerns about COVID-19.

“It was great to see President Carter,” Joe Biden said following his visit to the Carters’ Georgia home.

“It reminded me that I was the first person to endorse him outside of Georgia. And we sat and talked about the old days and he introduced me to a friend of his, a reverend he wanted me to get to know, and Rosalynn was great, too. We just had a nice time. We’re old friends,” Biden, who had been a U.S. senator for about four years when Carter, a former U.S. naval officer and Georgia governor, was elected president in 1976.

But it was the seemingly out-of-proportion photo that got the most attention.


“i hope the bidens enjoyed their trip to the shire,” wrote Allahpundit, the anonymous blogger and the senior editor of HotAir, wrote, a reference to fictional Middle Earth in J. R. R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” book and film series.
“How the Hell did they get the Bidens INTO the Carters’ house?” said another user who posted a side-by-side of The Carter Center photo and a dollhouse.


“In which we learn that Joe and Jill Biden could both play center in the NBA,” The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro added. “This is not wonderful. This is creepy and bizarre. IDK if it’s the perspective or what, but the size disparity here is shocking. The Carters have the feel of 3/4 size dolls in a wax museum. The only thing that could make this worse was if Joe was sniffing Mrs. Carter’s hair,” conservative writer Michele Blood noted.
Several others left comments as well, most focusing on the optics of the photo.
How the hell are the Biden's 2x the size of the Carters, and why does Old Joe FINALLY take his stupid mask off when he's around a 100 year old couple, then put it back on to go *outside*?

And Jimmy is still the worst POTUS ever since Joe doesn't count.

In terms of why there appears to be such a disparity in size, some speculated that it is merely an optical illusion based on the way in which the photo was taken or perhaps due to the camera itself.

“Social media users have shared theories such as the photographer who shot the photo used a wide-angle lens in a tight space, which can distort the proportions of an image. Additionally, if the Bidens are leaning forwards, while the Carters are leaning back in the chairs, the distortion may be emphasized, making the Bidens appear larger,” Newsweek reported.

Joe Biden-What you get when you order a president and get a cheap Chinese knockoff instead.

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Why no mask, Joe? Biden and Jill pose without masks for pics with frail Jimmy Carter, 96, and wife Rosalynn, 93, despite president insisting it's his 'patriotic responsibility' to wear one for socially distanced interviews and outdoors despite CDC advice

  • The Bidens posed for a maskless indoor photo with former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn.

More proof it's all about the show and politics instead of science. In his defense....most people said knowing where her mouth has been they wouldn't kiss her either without a mask.

See the source image

Kamala Harris and second husband Doug Emhoff kissed through their masks Wednesday – even though they are both fully-vaccinated – before heading their separate ways on flights.

The vice president traveled to Rhode Island where she stopped by a local store to buy four books, including one on 'white male rage', while Emhoff went to Pennsylvania to tour a micro brewery.

As Harris prepared to board Air Force Two for a day trip to Providence, she shared a peck with Emhoff without removing their face coverings.

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