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...a FULL-SIZED car?

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I drove a Taurus for years and then I thought I would get more room by trading it in for an Explorer. Boy was I wrong! The Explorer can hold 4 people (2 in the front and 2 in the back, there is not a rear-middle seatbelt). The Taurus could hold 5 people (2 in the front and 3 in the back). Additionally, headroom in the Taurus was superior to the Explorer. They can call it a full-size, a mid-size, I don't care. It is a pretty roomy vehicle.
Yes, the day before I paid the darn thing off, it broke down on me and left me without wheels for a week! She's up and running now though. Aside from the thermostat, she's been a good truck. 2000 Ford Explorer 4x4 with 140,000 miles on it. She's had 2 sets of tires, 1 set of brakes, 1 new battery, 1 thermostat, and 1 thermostat housing. And countless oil changes! I don't reckon I can complain too much.
Originally posted by aubfire1:
Chevy's the only way to go! j/k... I do like the looks of the Ford 500 and I really like the Dodge Chargers. I've seen several Charger police cars, and they are sharp!

The 500 is the new Taurus. The original Taurus was discontinued for everything except fleet last year, and then they realized that the 500 wasn't selling because no one was familiar with the name, thus they killed that name and renamed it Taurus.
Believe it or first big car purchase was a had a 4 banger in it....and wouldnt get out of it's own way.....Big mistake....according to the was a big hit with the public....but for some reason....when I went to trade it was the coldest car in town....Hmmm....Had a little problems with it....but I agree....the transmissions are the weak point of these cars....

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