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As many have noted, the *entire* premise behind the Biden administration mandatory vaccine requirement for U.S. workers is political.  They are not even attempting to frame a legal or constitutionally valid basis for their unilateral proclamation.  Nothing about the policy is based on science, or even the possibility of executive authority.

The announcement on Thursday was a pure political ruse intended stir support from the Democrat base, and distract from the mess they created in Afghanistan.  If the vaccine mandate wasn’t political theater, if they really believed in it, they would not be taking the visible approach seen today from the White House press secretary.

When questioned about American workers, being forced to take a vaccine under the auspices of public health – yet not requiring vaccines for illegal economic migrants, the administration shrugged and said: “that’s correct”.   Undermining their ’emergency health authorization’ premise would not be their approach if the White House really did believe they had a legal pathway to the mandate.

Joe Biden is a disposable front-man for the Obama group organizing the objective.  He was installed as a disposable figurehead so they don’t have to worry about political damage. The Biden term was designed for a single set of four-year rapid advancements for the Democrat Socialist agenda. The Biden poll ratings and favorability, or lack therein, do not factor into the plan of action; those issues are irrelevant.

That said, they cannot leave him wandering around the Rose Garden muttering to himself and still keep up the pretense of a presidency.  So, Chief of Staff Ron Klain threw Biden out front to push a political position doomed to fail because they need some appearance of support after millions of Democrats recently abandoned their Potemkin candidate.

"I came, I saw, I surrendered"-Joe Biden

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