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Proposition 47, in none less than California, is having predictable results.  The inmates are ruling and running, the asylum in California as the Democratic liberal government and liberal voters are enacting laws and policies that are highly liberal and definitely outcome predictable.   Not only in California though I have actually heard some Democratic leaders in Texas are experimenting with similar policies.  

I wonder just how many times people thought about the result of their actions and I'm talking politicians and not the thieves who are profiting from these policies.  They are removing the punitive actions associated with many illegal activities as long as the dollar amount doesn't exceed a certain number yet these thieves are smart enough to know that the candy store is open and it's Christmas all year long because they just continue to go back and repeat their actions incurring more and more knowing that as long as they keep their amounts below a certain point that they literally have carte blanche to steal.

Who could have seen and/or predicted that the crime rate would rise under such circumstances?   Maybe everyone with common sense and the intelligence of someone over 4 years old?  Okay, we are going to eliminate going after people stealing as long as their take is under $950.00.  Well, ten different thieving trips or theft junkets taking less than $950 can easily net these, obvious violaters, in excess of $9,000.00 in material and/or merchandise that they will and can just go sell, or resell, for their drugs and or whatever vices they want to feed.  Those citizens and merchants who are on the negative end of the "new business endevours" then have to absorb the loss and somehow then pass it along to lawful people who come to actually pay for the items they want.  The KEY to the whole debacle rest on one sentence from the above-referenced article and that sentence is ...

Supported by the state Democratic Party and championed by the American Civil Liberties Union, the referendum was passed by a wide margin in 2014.

And the exact same type people and politicians are the ones that are begging us to replace Donald Trump with them, and their policies on a national level.  Let's just give people a license to steal ... oh that's what they effectively did.  The real mystery is the last part of that sentence where it says that it passed by a wide margin.  About the only way, you can explain it is the same way you can explain the Democrat's chances at winning the Presidential election and taking back the Senate and keeping the house or even getting elected in the first place.  Voters who vote for these people and their policies are either brain dead or have total (unwarranted) confidence in these people led by their own ignorance as to what they do or say they will do.  ONLY after the intensive and extensive damage is done, sometimes irreparable, do people ask what has happened and why?  Then the same brain dead or ignorant voting people believe the feeble stories that they are fed and told by the actual guilty parties and their media accomplices that the blame needs to go on the only people that actually saw what was going to happen and tried to prevent it.  In other words, the guilty blame the innocent the those deserving the blame turn around and blame the ones who sought to prevent it in the first place.  Those whose ignorance led to the demise then believe it lock stock and barrel so that they can absolve themselves of any guilt or blame also.  This IS modern-day liberalism and the Democratic Party.   

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )


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D'rats, if you haven't noticed from the beginning of time have destroyed
everything and anything they have to do with even if it's just a giveaway.       
More commonly known as Liberals, will invariably suck the life
from whatever is needed for long term lawful freedom of life, liberty
and justice. They will accept communism over freedom for a number of
reasons as long as work isn't involved and it comes with free stuff.
gbrk posted:

The unfortunate thing is that it seems that most people (voters) in general never realize just how good they have it until they lose it then they set and wonder just why, what happened, happened at all.

My sister-inlaw...disappointed dem voter always said..."I didn't think they'd do that".....every time the left pulled one of their hair brained stunts. Now even she has had it with them and says she won't vote this time and doubts she'll ever vote again except in local elections.

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