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Nope,... I quit the print version back in the 90's when they started charging to have obits in the paper. I still feel that should be a community service unless the obit comes with a photo. I could see charging for that. I too will get my news from the QCD and the Pen and Sword along with the H'ville news stations. 

Well, today is the first day that they want you to pay.

I won't .

The Huntsville TV stations carry most North Alabama News on their respective web sites, although to a degree they still believe the world is flat and the edge falls off somewhere just West of Athens.

About once or twice a week, there is something I really want to read, but , well , screw 'em.

I will miss the letters to the editor, but actually I have other ways to waste my time , and they will take over that time frame.


My local paper just raised it's subscription fee an extra $2 a month and stopped Tuesday delivery. I stopped the paper after being a customer for over 25 years. They took a hard turn to the left and that was the last straw. Not a surprise here in Calif but enough is enough. Am sure they don't miss me. I keep up with the hometown news via the TD website but will not subscribe. It does not relect my views or opinions.

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