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Boy Scouts consider bankruptcy filing given their recent troubles.  The link to a Wall Street Journal article that hopefully won't be restricted due to a "paywall" but if it is I apologize for the link to that source but it worked for me Just like when Sears was acquired by K-Mart's owner there was no doubt what the future was going to be like.  With the Boy Scouts, it was the introduction of the Scouts into the world of the politically correct.  Implementing new policies that no one but a very select few desired, due to their own particular variances in life, and yet imposing them upon everyone else regardless of past historical practices and policies.  The same is being done to the girl scouts in the gender neutrification (if that is such a word) of both the scout's programs.  No longer are there Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts ... no, because there are people that may be embarrassed to be associated with either girls or boys but want to be considered neutral genders.  

Well, it seems no one was willing to stand up and be counted and reject the politicizing of these groups and now those left to pick up the pieces are seeing the fruits of change, or so it seems.


Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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I actually just heard a news story on the radio about this very topic and besides a drastic drop in membership or boys wanting to be boy scouts was also a loss in funds due to lawsuits from sexual abuse.  Now I remember a while back decisions to allow homosexuals to be troop leaders and the like when many opposed it.  Looks like it may be a double-edged sword for the Boy Scouts.  On one hand, you have troop leaders who are gay and actually using it for praying on innocent kids and on the other hand you have parents who, because of these very decisions, are keeping their kids from the Scouts.  

I'm not saying all Homosexuals abuse kids for there are plenty of straight folks that abuse people and kids but there was a very good reason why the scouts kept homosexuals from being leaders in the organization, even though there were many that were still in the closet, so to say, that were participating anyway it's just with politically correctness and in the name of equality or gender bias that a very select minority made changes happen that affected the great many.

At least that is what I believe has happened. 

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Seems there is a misunderstanding of the Scouts financial bind. One is that there has been declining membership for several years so revenue is less, this has nothing really to do with the recent change to bringing females in Boy Scouts onto equal footing with the boys. Females have always been in Boy Scouts, it's just that before now, they could not earn merit badges or earn ranks such as Eagle Scout. Starting next year, local chapters will be able to form female troops and as long as the females are able to complete the requirements then they can earn merit badges and progress through the scout ranks. 

  The big issue is the cost of lawsuits coming in because of some d**n pedophiles lying and sneaking their way into leadership positions where they can abuse kids. It's unfortunate that any organization that serves our youth (scouts, schools, Church youth groups/organizations, youth sports, etc) is also a magnet to these creeps. I don't see how BSA could do anymore to keep the abusers out. Even at the lowest level for a scout's parent to be able to participate in activities with their kids and in several cases for a parent to even be present at a scout activity with their own child then the parent/guardian has to go through a background check, youth safety training, leadership training, and testing. There are several rules in place for how adults interact with the scouts, one of the rules is two-deep leadership which means that there is always at least two adults present. With all that said, those who would harm kids still sneak in here and there and the whole organization is paying for the damage done by these ***#oles. 

  As for the female members now being able to form a regular Scout troop and progress through the Scout ranks, most people that I know who are involved with Scouts (Scouts, leaders, parents) are fine with the decision. Females having their own troops doesn't interfere with or change anything about the boy's troops. 

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