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I hate to slame you, I REALLY do! But it may be because someone realized there were more important things to print than what Lorene (Sorry forgot her last name) had to print. If you are that concerned about Christiam efforts; why not give one quarter of your and your entire congregations check to organizations like The United Way, Hope Haven or The N Al Food Bank. I have my differences with the TD; but the good Lord knows that their dropping hypocritcal "church" stories is not one of them!
Perhaps they lost faith?

(tongue in cheek, of course)

The Huntsville Times has Doug Mendenhall, whose writings I don't particularly find intellectually or spiritually enlightening.

Of course, there's another option... have a community columnist!

The HT has a similar approach in their Op/Ed pages, and features a person in the community whom is admired by another/others for their spirituality. (Two different issues, I know.)

However, the point is that the community shares and is featured.

Perhaps, Jim, you and other leaders in the faith community may persuade the TD to rethink their ill-fated decision.
I may sound cynical Shoals and Jim, I guess I am. I grew up here, left for 20 years and returned with a new outlook on life. I recently talked to a very destitute man who is raising 4 children on his own because his wife was unfit as a mother, this poor guy is working 2 jobs and was cutting grass on the side and went to one of the "billion" dollar churches for help for his utilities and was told since he wasn't a "member" of that particular faith he would have to go through a state agency. With all the red tape and time consumption this poor guy couldn't wait he needed help NOW! Well, I don't go to one of those "million" dollar churches but gave the guy $100 never expecting to see it again! On the day after Thanksgiving he rang my doorbell and returned the entire amount! I may not go to one of "those" chruches but I think I scored points anyway.
Thanks to all of you who have responded. I agree with much of what you have said regarding the organized, institutional church BUT faith is an essential and vital element of any community. The community of faith invests millions of dollars in meeting human need and sending missionaries across the world. We have over 400 churches in the Shoals with tens of thousands of members. Their voices and the voice of their churches should be heard.
Man, I am addressing the Shoals churches involvement with the poor. If you will examine the work of the Salvation Army, the Help Center,
the Loaves and Fishes Stores, and the budgets of many churches in the Shoals, you will find that hundreds of thousands of dollars are being given to the "down and out." What organization in the Shoals invests more among the needy than the Shoals churches. By the way, this is not a form letter.
I feel that I need to say a few words in support of Lucille Prince who has been referenced several times. She was a wonderful Religious Editor of the Times Daily who served faithfully for many years. She was fair to all churches and even different faiths. She was always open to that which was truly newsworthy, she treated us all fairly and was dearly beloved in the Shoals community.
When the Times Daily decided to eliminate the
Faith/Religious Section and NOT select another religious editor, I, personally, believe it was a giant step backward. For your information, many of us did write articles for the guest column after Lucille retired. All of a sudden, someone decided to close the column to local writers and go with some kind of "chicken soup" synticated writer. I wonder how the community would respond if the Sports or Entertainment section were replaced?
[We have over 400 churches in the Shoals with tens of thousands of members. Their voices and the voice of their churches should be heard.]

So why do you "need" the TD?
I am going to be straight forward here with my opnion on this subject. Anyone wants to slam me,have at it. But its an honest opnion.
The faith section of the TD had begun to appear more as a sales section for local churches.
when was the last time there was an article that reached out? When was the last article about just an everyday Joe that found God and ALLOWED them to tell their story of recieving Jesus Christ into their life? When was the last human interest way to God article(best way I can think to describe what I am trying to say)
Nope the stories had all become the same, Rev So-and-So did this or that, or Mrs Rev. So-And-So did this or that.We got to read all the bragging stories of who did what,who went where and it was almost always the same people. Sorry but I really do not believe God holds popularity contests .
when was the last time an article appeared with a random collection of faith based stories from the congregations,or better yet just folks met on the streets? God DOES live outside the doors of the fancy churches.
FINALLY yeah that was right Lucille Prince! You just don't get it do you Jim, unfortunately like a lot of you other "religious" types in the Shoals. You pick and chose what you want from the Bible and ignore anything that might contradict your views that you have been endogtranated with through childhood and maintain your "status" quo by dressing in a tie and going to a million dollar building 3 times a week. Wake up! I can't take on the world, or even the Shoals, but I did help the poor guy who cut my yard last September when Southern Baptist would't. I think Jesus Christ would have wanted it that way.
We need the Faith section because it is a way of reporting what God is doing across the Shoals. There have been many exciting faith projects reported in the TD...We need it because it is one of the best communication vehicles available to Shoals residents. For some reason, we don't have a local TV. The
TD is about the only instrument we have. I admit that there is a listing under the Religious Calendar as to what pastors and churches are doing and who might be honored but that was only a small part of the Faith/Religious section.
Maddog 20/20.....You go ahead and live your life with those kinds of notions and expectations.....noone will try to change your mind....I know first hand that on any given Friday you will find large groups of people giving to anyone who needs, without any questions. I don't know if they are christians, never asked them....but they will all know where you are coming from...
I may not go to one of "those" chruches but I think I scored points anyway.

MADDOG, what are you going to do with these points you are scoring?

Smurph, I think you have some good ideas for some articles for a Faith Section. God is at work all around us and it is always encouraging to hear how He touches lives.

Jim, Keep it up, perhaps this will generate some interest in a new Faith Section.

God Bless each of you as we all struggle to hear and respond to God's instruction for our lives.
Glair: what Smorf (Bless him) Shoals and others are TRYING to say is: There are 100's of churches in this area: yet THOUSANDS of people who are living at or near the poverty level and yet the "churches: of the Shoals seem to be more interested in million dollar buildings and crosswalks on public highways than benevolence. Read Matthew's book in the Bible. What was Jesus's main commandment?
[We need the Faith section because it is a way of reporting what God is doing across the Shoals. There have been many exciting faith projects reported in the TD.]

I give up,what I previously posted went ~ZIP~ right over head! The faith section was not about what God was doing,it was a bragging section for a few local pastors of the "miliion dollar church club"
Mans salvation and saving souls is not "projects" for someone or some committee brag of their great efforts and accomplishments.These souls are not numbers to be racked up in files.God keeps His own files and records!
maybe a LARGE seving of Humble Pie is in order for a few of these local egotisical pastors and "great workers"

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