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I don't know Jim Bevis (don't trust "ministries" period) I didn't know Jim and Tammy Faye Baker and I don't want to and hope to never run into Jerry Falwell. The song just went through my head "what if God was one of us, just a slob riding on a bus" I wonder what Jesus Christ and all other prophets would think of what has been done and is being done (take Mohammad for instance) with their inspirations. Something has gone wrong it seems like to me.
MADDOG, I don't go to a million dollar church but I do go to a one with people with million dollar hearts. They are the most loving bunch I've ever encountered. Please don't base your conclusions on Tammy Faye Crier or on what one man said he was told by one church. For that matter, & don't get mad at me, but since you were not there to hear it yourself, you don't know what this church said to him. This is not the case with the guy you mentioned, but it's also difficult for churches to know who really needs help and who is supplementing a good case of lazy. This is another reason many churches opt to give through the Help Center.

Just so I'm clear to everyone...I don't remember Lorene (whatever her name is) & could care less if there is a section of the paper for religion. I see articles all the time about good things being done in our area. I don't think I'd like it all crammed into one section of the paper anyway.
Some individuals go from church to church getting help

real "christian perspective" as grandmother used to say: "Nuff Said". You just supported my whole text in this post. Can I give a humble suggestion? Quit listening to your million dollar church preacher and read the book and listen to the accounts by the authors! It is too bad Jesus Christ himself never left a personal testimony, but I stand by my interpretation of the 4 gospels. All basically were about helping others and self denial, something obviously lost on "million" dollat churches, no matter what crumbs they through the poor. As the old blues song goes as originally performed by Billie Holliday: "Rich relations, may through a crumb or such, you can help yourself but don't help too much"
That is exactly what your post sounds like!
MADDOG...I don't know how to say this but just to say it bluntly. I think perhaps you'd have found something to criticize in her post no matter what she shared about her church. I get the feeling you have had a really bad experience. Nobody but Jesus can live up to standards you feel are necessary to be declared a real Christian. None of us are perfect. I'm very very far from it and the closer I get to God, the further I know I am from it. I strive to be like Christ, but I screw it up every day. God is okay with that because He knows I'm trying. I think this lady is trying too.
Thanks Joy!

Maddog: Why are you so mad? You missed my point. WE are trying to work smarter to help more people! Working together is always better for everyone. I read the gospels and dont just take the word of a pastor...any pastor! I know what the book said and if you read it you know we all fall short! But we should never quit trying! We have not stopped trying to help people.
well inthered, I have to humbly disagree and give MY take on the reason for the post. Some "ministrie" trying to promote itself so it could buy a motorhome! And while I don't always agree with the TD or the NYT, this is one case where I think someone finally realized this was just a "promotions" feature, but I GAURANTEE you if these "ministries" want to PAY for advertising: the TD and NYT will print full page advertisements!
Originally posted by MADDOG 20/20:
well inthered, I have to humbly disagree and give MY take on the reason for the post. Some "ministrie" trying to promote itself so it could buy a motorhome! And while I don't always agree with the TD or the NYT, this is one case where I think someone finally realized this was just a "promotions" feature, but I GAURANTEE you if these "ministries" want to PAY for advertising: the TD and NYT will print full page advertisements!

Mad dog it seems that you are really upset and have been hurt by the church. I will not try to defend it. We have failed people misreably. You don't have to look very far to see that. God's word was very clear as to giving. And the actual church of the old (paul and peter's day) sold all they had giving to all generously so that no one was in need and all had everything in common. It seems that the church of today is more interested in sucess for themselves and having the biggest and the best. That is not how it should be, no one should be taking a 250k salary a year and begging people to give... But they do it. All I can say, is that I am a memeber of a church and why it is not perfect and neither am I, we try. The church as a whole needs to change, but only God can do that. I know since I have moved to this area I have became more cynical then ever as I to have saw what you see. There is a stark contrast between the poor and rich. They sit together at church one w/ a 50k auto while the other walking to church and then we wonder why people do not come or want anything to do with God.There is also a difference between being relegious and knowing Christ, and I see alot of relegion in this area. But I have also found this, I am not better than anyone else and therefor I can not judge other peoples hearts. I do not have a lot, and there is a church that helps us out every month and it's not the one I attend. So take heart they are out their, those who really care and give amongst all the ones that are after the bigger and better. I try to give what I can also, I realize now that when I had a better income I could of given more and didn't. I know if that ever change I will. We sometimes don't realize how much we have until we don't have it. I am sure we could all give more to help other if we cared to. I hope the message helps. I hope the church has not hurt you so badly that you will forever shun it. No matter what, please know there are people out their who really do care and are trying to help others. Some are Christian who attend church faithfully others just have a heart for people. Regardless of who they are or where they are at along life's road only God knows the heart and he alone ways the motives of man.
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why do people have to continue to beat this subject? Times Daily is a NEWSPAPER.
maybe i am crazy,but the absence of the advertising for the churches does not offend me or upset me in anyway and i have trouble understanding WHY it is so upsetting to others. If you do not like the fact they do not have this one particular section,it IS your right to never read TD,purchase the TD,or for that fact even participate on these forums provided BY the TD.
Why can people not be satisfied that we STILL have the freedom to worship? If a religous section of a newspaper is so important,why doesn't someone begin publishing one for the Shoals area?
I hope the motorhome will be used for Religious purposes and that people will see that they the ministers need to travel with their families and be close together. So in a good way a motorhome would be perfect, to preach the Gospel everywhere and still have a place to sleep. Have you seen the price of Hotel and food let's give them a hand and not a diss.
Smurph, I just do not like generalizations. What an evangelist or a church does (or does not do) does not equate churches and/or evangelists as a whole. When you are aware of what your church is doing for others, NOT to be put in the paper (could care less about that), but because they care, it's hard to hear someone say churches don't care. I know for certain that is just not true. I feel a little uncomfortable giving a list of things I see done every day in this thread because some will see it as bragging and that's NOT the intent. You don't give to others for a pat on the back or to feel good, although it does feel good. You give because you see someone in need or in pain and your heart goes out to them. You just want to do something, anything to help.

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