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Jugflier, interesting facts. I agree, we're totally screwed.I'm not sure that there will actually be a food shortage, but people will be unable to buy food if they have no income and the food stamp program can't feed everyone forever.I got a son going into the Air Force,a daughter going to college to be a teacher and a 12 yr. old who doesn;t know what he's going to do yet.My two oldest 28 and 30 don't live at home now but we have all discussed the future economy and made a plan.If it gets as bad as we think it might we will all find a place to live together and support each other.
There is a serious food shortage coming.

It will start by the environmental collapse of the furtile San Joaquin Valley which is considered America's salad bowl.

The progressive left, enviro-nazis have succeeded in shutting off the valley's water source, the Sacramento Delta, to save a finger sized fish called the smelt. Supposedly, the Salmon rely on this smelt fish in their life cycle and the valuable water is being deverted away from the farm land and is instead being used for the smelt's habitat.

Hundreds of farmers have gone out of business and thousands more will go out of business in the next several years.

This fertile valley is actually semi-arid land which has been made furtile by Calif's aquaduct. Just like the great dust bowl of the 20-30s stripped the mid west of its furtile topsoil because of an extremely long drought, The San Joaquin Valley topsoil is poised for the same errosion due to its water being shut off and the land remaining unworked.

Progressives simply refuse to learn from history.

It's been a while since I examined that situation in California, but as best as I can recall it is a situation that has many problems and cannot solely be blamed on "progressives."

California has many geographical regions that do not receive adequate rainfall, and therefore require water from other parts of the state. Additionally, the have a very old water delivery system and a growing population. At times, California uses more water than it has. Because water is government controlled, and not subject to the market, the government has to ration in tough times. The fish that is "endangered" is not simply a fish, but a good indicator of the health of the marine life as a whole. During a shortage, sending enough water to the dry farming regions can severely deplete the "crop" for the fishing industry in the northern part of the state. I'm not saying that there isn't any goofy environmentalism involved with that mess, but it is not as simple as just sending water to southern California and only a few little fish die. One side has to suffer. The solution seems to be the privatization of the water system. Let the market allocate where the water should go, not the government.
Why can't these towns & cities stop growing if they don't have enough water for self support.
The water from the colorado river doesn't belong to Calif. It belongs to the states on either side of the river. These cities can stop issuing business licenses & growth will stop. The cities will still surive. Same with atlanta ga trying to take all the water from alabama & floridia for their use. It would be nice if some smaller cities receive some of the billions in federal money going to prop up atlanta & calif. An example is in Huntsville. They get millions of federal dollars to build streets and interstate roads, then they get a lot of gov't jobs to come in. Then they ask for millions of dollars again for more roads, then they bring in more people, then ask for more federal money for roads. It is an endless cycle. The mayor of florence, the state & our local rep. in montgomery thinks we have plenty of good roads here (since they don't push to get us road construction money) so they could bring gov't jobs to florence and no new roads needed.
it will be terrible if we have to start Farming again, there was a time that america could brag that we could feed the world, and could again but everybody has got too lazy to work, especially Farming, when I was a Kid all we bought at the Store was Coffee, Sugar and Flour, if yo doubt me saying "too lazy to work" get out here and try to hire somebody besides a Mexican to do something, you can't do it unless it is something like Painting, or something that pays a lot of Money, you see every body draws a Check and they can't afford to do anything or the Government will cut their Check out. so we have brought this thing on ourselves but we may have to change our lifestyle after awhile, have you ever noticed when driving down the road how much land is laying Idle and growing up with bushes because it hasn't been plowed in so long,, it don't take California to grow Vegetables, but we think that it does, we usually have the rain when we need it. I guarantee you that some of this stuff is grown in China and some of the other places that are nasty, unlesss you know what they use for Fertilizer you don't know what I am saying. I was in the army in Korea and know all about what they use.
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