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Ok, so the good people at the Target in Florence are going to hate me for advertising this, but.....they got a shipment in today!!!! I went on my lunchbreak and I always ask "do you have any Wii's?" and they always say "no", but today they said "yes"!!!! The guy in electronics told me it was the first shipment they had gotten since before Christmas. They only got 24 (well 23 now since I got one!!) so you better hurry if you have been anxiously awaiting them like I have!!!
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Originally posted by littlemeanmama:
Posted 11 February 2008 01:39 PM Thats why they're hard to find.

Exactly....I hope Target puts a limit of one a piece or something like that so that people who actually want them for themselves or their kids can have a chance at them at the discounted price, not just to make money. I have seen them on EBay but didnt want to pay $350 or $400 for one when I can get them in store for $250.
We've been trying to find one since Christmas in stores because that price ($250) is decent. I've got relatives in 3 states checking their local stores to no avail. I could get one on Ebay, but I'm not paying an extra $150 to line the pockets of the jerks that buy 5 at a time to make a profit. It's that sort of person that makes them so hard to get and it just infuriates me to no end.
You can call names is so dont you go back to the FIRST GRADE THATS WHERE THAT COMES FROM ...LOL

But let tme tell ya I buy them one at a time just like you have to...I go to the GAMESTOP where they only allow purchase at time and I had to wait inline just like you would ...but My secret was I know what day of the week they come in and just about what time they get there...

Now how is that being a jerk ?

So I guess one who buys GOLD and then sails it a higher price is a jerk or just somebody who knows how to make a dollar when he sees it..


good day .....Carry on good citizens...
You Are Going To LOVE your wii !!
We were able to get one right before Christmas because we have a family friend who is in management @ a Walmart, in Jasper, TN.
Everyone in the house absolutely LOVES it!
I'm especially hooked on Tennis & Bowling!
I think the bowling is probably my favorite game though. After you've played all the sports games and your looking for something different, go rent "Cooking With Mama". It is hilarious! You actually chop veggies and cook!
It's a hoot!!
Originally posted by littlemeanmama:
Posted 11 February 2008 01:39 PM
Get you about 5 of them and sell them on FLEABAY...I have sold 5 since Christmas...They are hard to find....I made bout $120.00 -to $150.00 on each one ...

Hey hook a sista up! Save me a trip to Target! Big Grin I'll give you gas money..j/k
Originally posted by Take it or leave it !!!!!!:
Get you about 5 of them and sell them on FLEABAY...I have sold 5 since Christmas...They are hard to find....I made bout $120.00 -to $150.00 on each one ...
Everybody Knows My Name

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I gotta go!! been wanting one,so I can play tennis.. how much?


Hope your in shape that tennis will wear you

You know it! I work my arms out alot. Pick up Mt. Dew take to mouth.Pick up remote,change channels. just kidding! Heck yea I am in shape,I got kids,lots of them. Big Grin
(I'll keep my inhaler real close)
I got mine at Thanksgiving. They were 149 to 160 during that time at the stores. Gamestop gets theirs on Mondays or Wednesdays around 10am. I think? I got one for a friend on one of those days. The UPS guy came in and only had 4 or 5. I know stores hate the calls but it is the best way to get a understanding of when they think they will get some. I had to help get my families after we got ours. During the summer Game Stop had like 40 all the time! Check with the one in the mall and in front of Target. Good Luck!

We went to Target last night and I asked the lady did they still have any. She checked and they still had one. I told her I wanted it and she told me she would have to take it up front for me. I told her to hold it for a minute that we had to go get something else and I would be right back. She told me she would lock it up and I could get my other items and come back. Well she never told me she was locking it up in the display case! I went back about 10 minutes later and the lady told me she just sold it! Eeker I asked her did she not remember I just told her I wanted it it? Anyway I went home Wii-less so maybe next time.

Now I was planning on dropping it on eBay and making a few bucks if I could but I gueess that will have to wait. I keep hearing how much fun these things are though so I may have to buy one to play myself! Big Grin
Ok, so hubby and I played all night on that thing!! We had a blast!! My arm is sore from tennis, broke a sweat during boxing, whooped his butt in bowling and struck out in baseball but still loved it!! Only thing I didnt play was golf, hubby like it though. We had so much fun and were laughing the whole time, it was well worth it. I did go by Best Buy on the way home though to get another remote for it because they were sold out of them at Target yesterday just so we wouldnt have to be passing one back and forth. So in all it was about $300, but like I said well worth it!! I would suggest it to anyone!!

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