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Linked story giving indication that North Korea has weaponized Anthrax

And who all knows what else this crazy man has envisioned to enable him to attack his enemies.  North Korea is considered behind in their military preparedness but then when you have the numbers of weapons he has and the close proximity to South Korea and Japan it doesn't take much to cause horrible damage and destruction.  Now he has missiles that put the United States and much of the world within his reach his main decisions is about who to attack and when.  

The thought is how to stop him, if that is possible, without provoking him to action unannounced.  If he has anthrax then you can assume there are plenty of other horrible things he can unleash, including the nuclear weapons, upon whomever he decides to unleash them.  The real question is ... is this many really this insane as to actually contempt or try using them?   I worry that he is and that time is running out for options that will not include massive loss of life.  So easy it would be if Russia or mainly China could take him out and handle it from the inside but doubtful that will happen either.  China might concern themselves that if they tried such and failed that he would then turn his insane retribution toward them.  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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As I understand it, the information on anthrax and Hep B was taken strictly from a titer. In other words, if i were tested for antibodies, I would test positive for Hep B due to vaccinations. I would guess that was the case with the soldier.

The U.S. has stopped giving military personnel the anthrax vaccine, but when I did a clinic at the arsenal in 2003, I had to pick up the vaccine from another floor and take it to the lab where I was working. I then watched them give the vaccine to a soldier about to be deployed to the middle east who had somehow missed an earlier vaccination. He looked in pain. 

You are correct.  The assumption goes that the soldier was, somewhere along the line, given shots to build up immunity to the various diseases used for weapons and from that they assumed that the North Koreans would be using them on the battlefield as a result.  

The sad thing about this individual in charge in North Korea and I'm sure a few other Nations is that they don't distinguish between military targets and civilian but rather they target and aim for civilian targets first, those with the greatest populations of innocent people.  Military targets are secondary to these people it seems.  

What I was just thinking about, when I first started the thread was here we are in America used to a certain standard of living along with much of the rest of the free world and some idiot with no conscience or care for human life can unleash such weapons that within a very short time most everyone's lives can change and be altered for generations to a reality that none of us could scarcely imagine or comprehend.  What I don't know, and I doubt many of us do, is just how thin a thread our whole western society hangs on and how close we are at any one time to waking up and finding ourselves in a new Stone Age.  

We've become so accustomed to technology, computers, and digital reality that if we found ourselves without all our technology would or could we even function anymore.  Landlines are virtually no more and we've almost reached a point to where people don't even write or use paper anymore either.  As the years/time goes on things get even more dependent upon technology and many of our kids and grandkids would be totally lost in a world void of technology the digital medium and that doesn't even approach thinking about unleashing biological and terror type diseases upon a large civilization totally unprepared to deal with such.

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