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A woman in Fairbanks, Alaska reported a man for shaving in the women’s locker room of Planet Fitness and had her membership revoked over it.

Patricia Silva, a conservative who has run for public office in Fairbanks, walked into the Planet Fitness women’s locker room where a young girl was also reportedly present, and saw the man shaving.

She allegedly went over to the man and informed him he did not belong in the women’s locker room before reporting him to staff.  He claimed to be a ***** male and refused to leave and the staff basically ignored her. Planet Fitness did not reprimand the man. Instead, they booted the woman for complaining about him.

Libs of TikTok first reported on Silva making a video of her encounter and having her membership taken away for reporting the man, “Woman in Planet Fitness claims she went into the bathroom and this man who thinks he’s a woman was in there shaving. Why does @PlanetFitness allow men to use the women’s bathroom and invade women’s private spaces??”

“UPDATE: The woman who exposed a man shaving in an Alaska Planet Fitness women’s locker room with a 12-year-old present just had her membership revoked. Why is @PlanetFitness prioritizing a man with a p*nis using a woman’s private space over women’s and girls’ safety?” Libs of TikTok said in a second post to X.

Woman who reported man in ladies locker room reportedly booted from Planet Fitness and she's not taking it! · American Wire News

Desperation met stupidity on the corner of bad luck and despair, and the democratic party was born.

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