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WTI Crude Futures was highest a few days ago at $123.&Change.

Friday afternoon, Future Market Prices below, Not you local retail prices.

CommoditiesStock Indices
SymbolPriceChangeChange %
Natural Gas8.76

Calif. has highest state average in the nation. Friday State Average $6.43 as of 6-11-22. Californians are really going to Love July 1, 2022. The date that Additonal Gas Taxes go into effect.

You don't want to be low on fuel in Downtown LA.

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (CNS) -- A gas station in downtown Los Angeles was charging more than $8 a gallon on Tuesday as price surges continued across the U.S. adding to worsening spiral of Inflation worries.

Highest Gas prices in Calif. ?

A gas station in Mendocino, Northern California, is now charging nearly $10 a gallon. According to GasBuddy, it's the most expensive gas in the US.

The Shoals area Gas Prices I'm seeing;

Reg. 4.49 - 4.59/Gal

Saw a prediction yesterday WTI Crude oil expected to Max out at 141.00 barrel. Currently its $120.43, roughly 17% higher. So 17% higher for Gas would be $5.32 for the Shoals.

Makes you want to go out and Buy an $80,000 Electric Automobile...

Isn't it interesting how "Joe" (Biden) just essentially threw up his hands the other day, talking about Gas Prices and inflation saying "I've done all I can do" it's someone else's fault?  Can you imagine if Trump had addressed one of the Nations problems like that and how the national media would have been all over him?  

Joe Biden, and the Democrats/Liberals, are solely responsible for the inflation and fuel cost today with their war on fossil fuel energy.  Their answer is for everyone to go out and buy solar and electric cars now.  The only thing that's a bigger joke than these useless politicians are the ones who blindly voted (and vote) for them.  Worse are the ones who see the results of their leadership and policies will continue to make excuses for them and continue to vote for them.  

Those who do continue to vote for them and who voted for them have nothing to gripe about and deserve to pay the enormous increases that we are seeing today but sadly the rest of us have to go along for the ride regardless of how bumpy and dangerous that ride is.  

Up to now California, New York, and Illinois, States led by Democrats have mirrored the disaster that is griping the  Nation now (under Democratic leadership) and the signs were there for people to see what would follow when you allow (this version of ) Democrats to lead but they were so fearful and angry at Trump that they would choose anyone else to lead so they essentially got, for America as a whole, what New York, California, and Illinois have had for years under Democratic leadership.  High Prices and policies lead to inflation and economic disaster so be happy with the results, those of you who voted for it.  

I guess it's recompense for us making them to suffer under Trump's leadership having someone who wanted to put America first, lower fuel prices below $2.00 and make our nation energy independent and self-sufficient.  Someone who would enforce the nation's laws and attempt to close the border except for those who would come legally by the processes that have been set up.  

I know there will be some who disagree so IF THERE ARE SOME who disagree and "suffered" under Trump please tell us and explain just how did Donald Trump's leadership and being president hurt the country and cause you distress?  PLEASE????  What did Trump do that was so bad for you, the economy, and the Nation?

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@JH1961 posted:

FJB isn't the one orchestrating the total and absolute destruction of America, but he WILL receive all the blame.

While I agree with you it's sad that we won't or can't actually know the real people behind Joe and the Democratic Policy decisions that are being implemented that have had such disastrous consequences on the nation.  I'm wondering just how much influence Obama has these days into what Joe Biden does and says?  Either way I do believe that Joe does deserve a great deal of blame even though I don't think he's there enough to warrant the amount of blame he will get.   He's wanting to cement his family name's place in history but I doubt he gives it two thoughts that it most likely will be as the worst American President (by far) exceeding even the failures and disastrous term of Jimmy Carter.   Jimmy should be one happy man in that he's lived long enough to actually see his stain upon the nation be eroded and exceeded by another far worse and disastrous.  

I thought that Obama might be one to take that title but up jumps Joe and totally covers for both (Obama and Carter).  Like jumping on a grenade to save the others only the damage from that figurative grenade is to the American people and our Nation.  Sad but even sadder is that it isn't over yet and the total extent of the eventual damage isn't known at time time.

At least those who voted Democrat so as to Remove Donald Trump from office can look in the mirror and share blame or know they do even if they won't eventually admit it.  Yeah Donald Trump is gone along with historic mortgage rates, robust economy and low gas/fuel cost which affects everything else that affects us.  At least they're not having to read Donald Trumps' tweets but what a price we've paid for that honor.

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