Skip to main content – You probably don’t need to be told that John Brennan is a very dirty player in Washington. Everyone in the Obama administration was.

But is it possible that by revoking his security clearance, Trump also may have done far more than simply protect his administration from someone who may have been working with the deep state to overthrow his administration…but someone who has actively been plotting against the US for years?

Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Jarrett…far too many people in the previous administration had highly troubling ties to the terrorist state of Iran and in Obama’s case, there is quite a bit of evidence pointing to the fact that he was a Muslim, a fact which remained in question throughout the entirety of his presidency and he did little to dispel by always referring to the Koran as “The Holy Koran” and the Bible simply as “the Bible.”

However, while it is well-known Obama was (well, supposedly) born to a Muslim father, it has also been rumored that Brennan was a Muslim convert.

While that’s just a theory, keep it in mind when your read this, from Freedom Outpost:

“John Brennan was Chief of the CIA station in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at the time 9-11 hijackers had their visas approved. And it is alleged that he gave the final approval.”

From DC Clothesline:

On September 18, 2014, on the Ground Zero radio program, a whistle blower named Greg Ford of the 223rd Military Intelligence Battalion claimed that Brennan, as chief of the CIA station in Jeda [sic], overrode concerns and ordered that the visas of the 19 plane-hijackers be stamped. At 1:32:47 into the interview, Ford talked about ISIS and how it was created. Someone called in with a question about 9/11. Ford said:

“All 19 high jackers? Where did they get their visas stamped before they came to this country to launch 9/11? They got their visas stamped in the CIA station in Jeda [sic]. And the second in command said ‘No way, absolutely we are not going to stamp those visas.’ And the fellow who was in charge, his name was John Brennan. He was the person who overrode those concerns and cautions and ordered those visas stamped in Jeda [sic].”

“Michael Springmann was the head of the visa bureau in Saudi Arabia at the time those visas, and numerous other questionable visas, were stamped.” Freedom Outpost continues. “In this interview, Springmann recounts the time when his decisions were consistently overruled and many highly questionable visas were being issued, against his recommendations.”

All 19 of the hijacker applications were incomplete in some way, with data fields left blank and questions not fully answered. Every application should have been round-filed. Yet U.S. officials approved 22 of the 23 hijacker visa applications. Of the 15 Saudis, four got their visas after the creation of the Visa Express Program in June 2001. Eight other conspirators tried to get visas during the course of the plot. Three succeeded, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11.

Each of these men’s visas should have been rejected. Instead, they traveled to the US were they orchestrated an event that led to the death of nearly 3,000 people, the largest number of Americans killed in a single incident since Pearl Harbor.

There is a very good argument to be made that not only did this happen on Brennan’s watch, but that if he had actually done his job correctly, 9/11 never would have happened.

And the left is trying to convince us it was petty of Trump to revoke Brennan’s security clearance.

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In 1976, Brennan admitted he voted for Gus Hall, the Communist Party, USA's candidate for president.  By 1976, the truth about communism -- the gulags and managed famines that exterminated between 100 to 150 million people, worldwide was well known.  The NSDAP exterminated between 8 and 10 million in the camps.  We certainly wouldn't trust someone who voted for the American Na*zi Party's candidate.  Yet, Brennan, who voted for a party 10 to 15 times as vile, become director of the CIA. 

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